Have FOX hosts suggested that the Omicron Covid-19 variant of the coronavirus is made up?

You can’t make that up. Saturday, Fox and his friends TV show hosts Rachel Campos-Duffy, Pete Hegseth and Will Cain discussed the new Omicron variant of the Covid-19 coronavirus. And Ken Meyer writes for Media covered that discussion with an article titled “Fox & Friends Weekend Hosts Suggest Democrats Invent New Variants To Help Biden.”

Eh? What was it in the title? Invent new variants to help US President Joe Biden?

Sacred politicization, Batman or maybe Foxman. Did the Fox and his friends are the hosts actually suggesting that an international situation, the emergence of the Omicron variant, was somehow simply the result of US-based politics? Do South Africa, the World Health Organization (WHO), the American Democratic Party, all countries that have recently declared travel restrictions like UK, France, Germany, Italy and Israel, all the scientists who have investigated the Omicron variant, public health experts and possibly even Big Bird somehow involved in a massive, massive political conspiracy about the variant. ?

Well, Campos-Duffy started on Fox and his friends segment speaking of Pete Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation, describing him as “potentially our new president in 2024, or at least what the Democrats want.” She continued with “[Buttigieg] said we cannot resolve the supply chain issue until the pandemic is over, until Covid is over. And now we see these new variations. The video accompanying the following tweet showed what the three hosts said next:

As you can see, Campos-Duffy said: “So that’s the answer: no more lockouts, no more lockouts, no more fear and so he doesn’t have to do his supply chain repair job. because “we’re just going to keep this all going. ‘”

Cain added, “It’s always a new variant.” To which Hegseth added, “expect a variation about every October, every two years.”

Cain then replied, “You know you are probably right. However, they might speed up, the variants might come faster. The video segment ended with Hegseth raising his right hand to his face as if he was holding a phone and saying, “We’re going to need a new variant here.”

And here you thought it was all about that bass when maybe it was that Buttigieg, right? Damn, if the Democratic Party had enough power to create new variants, shouldn’t it be using all that power to fix supply chains instead?

The Fox and his friends the hosts did not seem to preface or end this discussion by saying “we’re kidding” or “what if” or just laughing hysterically. It wasn’t the stand-up comedy part of Fox and his friends That is. They didn’t say, “Now let’s move on to our next comedy segment: Tucker Carlson telling fake jokes.” So, whatever the true intentions of the hosts, viewers could easily have assumed they were serious about what they were saying.

Plus, it could further fuel the “The Omicron Variation Is Made Up” narrative that has already been circulating like farts and body odor on social media. As you can see in the tweets above, Rep. Ronny Jackson, MD, (R-Texas) tweeted Sunday morning: “Here is the SRM – the variant of the midterm elections! They NEED a reason to push unsolicited mail-in ballots nationwide. Democrats will do anything to CHEAT in an election – but we’re not going to let them! ”

Wow. The MD after Jackson’s name does not mean “muskrat danger”. It means “doctor”. It was the same Jackson who had been a White House doctor who once said that then-US President and current Mar-A-Lago resident Donald Trump “could live to be 200 years old,” if he had had a healthier diet, as reported by Julia Belluz for Vox. It was at this point that the current world record for the longest-lived human being is 122 years and 164 days.

In his tweet, Jackson did not specifically refer to the Omicron variant or the Covid-19 coronavirus. But with the Omicron variant dominating the headlines, many can assume he was referring to this severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus syndrome variant 2 (SARS-CoV-2) rather than saying a hot dog variant.

Then there was the following tweet from Liz Wheeler:

The Liz Wheeler Show website described her as “without apologizing for it one of the most daring voices in the conservative movement.” As a rule of thumb, “no excuse” may not be the word you look for when seeking medical or public health advice. Nonetheless, Wheeler’s tweet said, “Oh shocking a new variant that’s supposed to be worse for kids at the same time they try to impose vaxx on kids ?! What an incredible gigantic coincidence.

You know what a “gigantic incredible coincidence?” That all of these politicized suggestions and claims about the omicron variant apparently spread faster than the variant itself. Searching for the words “compound omicron variant” will already return a lot of social media posts. And most of them don’t show the Covid-19 coronavirus in mascara and highlighter with a fancy tipped cut. No, instead they include statements such as “they planned [made up] this new variant of omicron so they can blame her for all the unwanted vaccine-related deaths and illnesses,” and “There is no omicron variant, they invented it. Just like they invented SarsCov2 and all the #coronavirushoax. Stop this madness. ”

They? Who the hay are they? Does saying “they made it all up” a bit like saying “they left the toilet seat up” or “they left their underwear in the fridge” to everyone in your apartment or house? ? Is everyone supposed to know who “they” are? Who exactly would be planning and being involved in such a massive conspiracy?

If this was all a political hoax in some way, then what are real scientists and public health experts around the world doing right now? You have scientists rushing to characterize this new variant better, trying to determine if it is more transmissible or more virulent than previous versions of the virus, as I covered during Forbes. You have real doctors, epidemiologists, and other researchers working overtime to determine how well current Covid-19 vaccines and immunity against natural infections will deliver against the Omicron variant. You have all kinds of people across the world, many of whom don’t even know who or what a Buttigieg is, are bracing for the possible spread of this new variant as well as other variants that may emerge. And do people imply, suggest or claim that the emergence of the Omicron variant is “invented” for political reasons?

You know all those conspiracy theories that were thrown throughout the pandemic like cow dung in a sprinkler? Well, this “invented variant” claim is like a new variant of highly mutated conspiracy theory. It further undermines science and truth. This makes it all the more difficult for public health authorities to control the spread of the variant and to protect the public. If SARS-CoV-2 could speak, it would probably say “cool” because the chaos created by politicians and other spreading conspiracy theories is really helping the virus.

With so many real scientists around the world closely monitoring the pandemic right now, it would be difficult to ‘invent’ a new variant of the Covid-19 coronavirus without enough people to call bull manure. But apparently it’s not too hard to pretend that something real is being made up.

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