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When I turn to former Speaker of the House and Romney’s Vice President Paul Ryan, I feel like FDR must have felt when he had to ally with Stalin to beat Hitler. Stalin was a threat that would have destroyed America if he had had the chance, but Hitler was the greatest existential threat, so we bonded and did what we had to do to save the world.

Paul Ryan is said to have destroyed the social safety net and further widened the gap between our country’s plutocrats and the remaining 99% of the country. In his speech to the Reagan Library yesterday, he continued to make the hobbyhorse known about the Biden administration and all of us patriots who support our president:

Ryan criticized President Joe Biden on political issues and criticized Democrats for their “identity politics.”

“In 2020 the country wanted a cool guy who would move to the center and depolarize our politics,” Ryan said. “Instead, we got a nice guy who pursues a more leftist agenda than any president in my life. These policies may have the full approval of his progressive supporters, but they do not trust the people in the middle of the road who made the difference for him on election day. ” [Bill Glauber, “Paul Ryan Criticizes Donald Trump and His Hold on the Republican Party in Speech Mapping out Vision for Conservatives.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2021.05.27].

President Biden and the Democratic Party do not break trust with any American. We are working to ensure that every American can enjoy the greatest possible freedom and economic opportunity with the support of strong public works and smart, efficient government. And the “middle-of-the-road people” Ryan tries to turn into a campaign lever appear to support President Biden’s efforts to support them: a majority of Americans support the president’s infrastructure plan and the comprehensive and holistic definition that underpins this investment in our future.

And we are not the party that ties our raison d’etre to the identity of one man, a noisy, self-obsessed tyrant who will lie to an entire party and an entire nation to do himself good, the consequences will be damned. Here’s where Ryan’s deception breaks and it begins to speak usefully to the body politic:

“Once again, we Conservatives are at a crossroads,” Ryan continued. “And here is the reality we have to face: If the conservative cause depends on the populist appeal of a personality, or second-rate imitations, then we’re not going anywhere. Voters looking for Republican leaders want to see independence and courage. They won’t be impressed by the sight of yes-men and flatterers flocking to Mar-a-Lago.

… “If we fail this test, it will be because the progressive left will have won by default,” he said. “It will be because the conservative cause… has lost its way and followed the left into the trap of identity politics, defining itself by resentments rather than ideals. It will be because we confuse reactionary skirmishes in culture wars with a cohesive agenda. It will be because we have granted too much allegiance to a passing political figure and that we have not been faithful enough to our principles ” [Steve Peoples, “Ex-Speaker Ryan to GOP: Reject Former President T****, ‘2nd-Rate Imitations’,” AP via KCRA-TV, 2021.05.27].

In two paragraphs, Ryan offers a strong condemnation of the campaign strategy of Governor Kristi Noem and the former dictator she was on. fawning in Mar-a-Lago on too frequent a basis. It offers a useful warning to all candidates and citizens: we must focus on the principles and practical political results, not on the cheap personal policy this distract us to solve real problems for the greater good.

Plus Ryan says the last guy in the White House dishonored and dishonored the White House:

While noting Republican progress in the House in the 2020 election, Ryan said the White House and Senate results “left Republicans powerless in Washington.”

“Worse yet, it was horrible to see a presidency come to such a dishonorable and shameful end,” Ryan said, referring to Trump’s false claims regarding a stolen election and the Jan. 6 uprising on Capitol Hill. [Glauber, 2021.05.27].

Ryan is still Stalin. Once we get rid of the threat of Mar-a-Lago, we must be on our guard against the fundamental corporatocracy that Paul Ryan would impose.

But even though he remains trapped in his partisan positioning, Paul Ryan still manages to tell a certain truth: The last guy in the White House was a traitor liar, shaming both the nation and the party he was exploiting for. his own vanity. If Republicans truly believe this country needs a course correction in 2024, they must correct their own course, crush their personality cult, and restore their pursuit of honest conservative ideals.

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