Why you should get an 8-inch drill press if you’re a DIY-er



As a woodworker, having the proper tools for the projects ahead is crucial, and you may have noticed that time spent on bringing them to a finish is considerably shorter when you don’t need to improvise. Once you’re set on going through a number of operations, having all the tools in place will make you reach record speed.

An important addition to your gear collection is the drill press, and that goes for all do-it-yourself people, no matter what they favor. This versatile device is meant to create holes in wood, metal, plastic or other materials and enables you to drill hole sections to a determined depth.

Adding up to this basic function, the drill press brings along other advantages. Depending on the type of unit, you can use attachments to transform it into a spindle sander, grinder or buffer. That is the equivalent of a handy apprentice in your workshop.

Choosing the drill press might be challenging because there’s types, features, and brands you have to consider. First, there’s the benchtop or the floor models. Then, you could choose between radial or magnetic and start making options for a light fixture, adjustable head or drill bits.

But you can figure out the details after you decide on a budget and some basic features you actually need, like rpm, depth stop, multiple speed and power.


In my opinion, you should first decide on the magnitude of your projects. But there’s one advice I have for fellow woodworkers: the 12’’ or 16’’ drill presses may be remarkable, but you’ll do just fine with the 8’’ in your shop.

Purchasing the 8’’ drill press is a clever move because it greatly expands your possibilities. If you’ve been using a hand drill or drilling machine or even a chisel for holes and mortises, then you know what an 8’’ drill press can offer.

The difference is significant, however, because you get to use one tool only, the progress is a lot faster, and the errors are less likely to occur. Precision and easy maneuvering of the material will probably be the first things to show.

The space you can use is usually limited, and it gets stuffed in no time. So I think people who love woodworking really need the 8’’ drill press because it is easy to fit it into their shop or garage.  

It’s also easy to move, either in and out or to a different work location. That’s something to consider if you need to be a little more flexible and switch places or simply to make sure cleaning the garage won’t become a collective effort.


Personally, I think one other amazing advantage for purchasing an 8’’ drill press is the low level of noise. It’s more comfortable for you, and it doesn’t cause trouble with your neighbors or wife and kids.  A stable drill press table has to be acquired too, so no unfortunate accidents occur. 

I hope I made my point and my advice to you will prove useful.

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