Fox News to Interview Kyle Rittenhouse Amid Not Guilty Protests | Fox News

Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager acquitted of murdering two men during anti-racism protests, is expected to appear on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson next week, fearing the not guilty verdict in the Kenosha murders would encourage the violence of the militias.

Rittenhouse’s shooting of three people, including two he killed, during protests in the city of Wisconsin has divided the United States. For some, this made him a vigilante to stir up trouble while for others, he was an armed hero defending property from a mob.

Rittenhouse became a heroic figure for the Tories during his trial, as many right-wing figures raised funds for his legal defense. His upcoming interview with Carlson – one of Fox’s most controversial and extreme animators – is likely to cement that popularity. The Monday evening session is already heavily promoted by the conservative channel.

Carlson has become the Conservatives’ most influential media figure, even amidst much controversy.

Carlson argued for several baseless conspiracy theories on his show and was convicted of hissing dog racism. The Fox News host is running a series that argues that the Jan.6 Capitol uprising was orchestrated by the left-wing group Antifa. He also lamented the Democratic Party for attempting to “replace the current electorate” with “third world voters” through immigration policies: the so-called “great replacement theory” which has for origin the far right.

The Fox News host appears to not only have interviewed Rittenhouse for the show, but also filmed a short documentary about Rittenhouse during his trial. A clip of Rittenhouse in the backseat of a car, apparently just after his not guilty verdict, premiered on the Carlson show Friday night.

“The jury returned the correct verdict. Self defense is not illegal, ”says Rittenhouse in the clip.

Mark Richards, lawyer for Rittenhouse, Recount CNN’s Chris Cuomo that a Fox film crew was made part of the defense team for the duration of the trial, which Richards did not approve of. “I threw them out of the room a few times,” Richards said. “I don’t think a film crew is suitable for something like this.”

Richards told Cuomo that the people who raised money for Rittenhouse’s defense “were trying to raise money” and that Rittenhouse’s family and their advisers approved the film crew’s presence during the trial.

In the aftermath of Rittenhouse’s verdict and the success of his self-defense argument, some experts have expressed concern that Rittenhouse’s verdict will strengthen extremist movements and provoke violence in the name of self-defense.

“It never took more than a whisper of approval to fan the flames of right-wing militant action, and Kenosha’s acquittal is a cry,” wrote Kathleen Belew, a historian who studies the movement. white power on Twitter.

Jeri Bonavia, executive director of the Wave Educational Fund, a Wisconsin organization that aims to prevent gun violence, told NBC News that the lawsuit “fuels this idea that individual citizens need to be there, not as part of a functional society, but like those rogue vigilantes ”.

Hours after Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict was delivered, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland spoke at the swearing-in of the new U.S. Attorney General in Manhattan and highlighted the role the Department of Justice plays in protecting of Civil Rights, noting the ministry’s history in fighting the Ku Klux Klan and protecting the vote. rights.

At the ceremony, Damian Williams, who is the first senior black federal law enforcement official overseeing the Southern District of New York, one of the most powerful federal courts in the country, said he was creating a civil rights unit in his office’s criminal division to focus more resources on issues that escalate in “troubled times.”

“White supremacist groups are on the march. Anti-Semitism is on the move. Anti-Asian violence is on the move. The abuse of the most vulnerable in our society is on the move, and that includes, by the way, the abuse of incarcerated women and men who lose their freedom but not their right to protection, ”said Williams.

Plaques of protests were seen in cities across the country on Friday in response to Rittenhouse’s verdict.

The protests, including one outside the Kenosha courthouse, were largely peaceful. Protests in Portland, where far-right groups clashed with left-wing activists, were rioted last night after protesters began smashing windows and throwing objects at police.

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