Foundation episode 4 ending explained: who finds [SPOILER]?

Warning: SPOILERS for the Foundation episode 4 ends.

The Empire begins to collapse in the Foundation Episode 4 ends – and Gaal Dornick finally returns. Inspired by the short stories and novels of Isaac Asimov, Foundation tells the story of the fall of an empire and those who will replace it. The story is guided by the predictions of Hari Seldon, the psychohistorian who has mastered a mathematical discipline that allows him to predict the future of galactic civilization.

The first “Seldon Crisis” occurs decades after the death of Hari Seldon, the Anacreons arriving on Terminus and threatening the Foundation. Meanwhile, Emperor Cleon alarmingly realizes that he can see signs of the coming collapse wherever he looks; Seldon predicted a religious sect denouncing the Empire, and even uprisings on Trantor, both of which are in danger of becoming a reality. The relationship between brothers Dawn, Day, and Dusk breaks down under the pressure. And in the midst of it all, at a time that seems so convenient that it can only have been predestined by Hari Seldon himself, the cryogenic capsule containing Gaal Dornick is picked up by someone.

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Foundation Showrunner David Goyer has regularly described the series as a great galactic chess set spanning a thousand years, with Hari Seldon on one side and the Emperor on the other. Seldon’s opening moves have been subtle – it is possible that Seldon was responsible for the bombardment of Trantor – but they turn out to be successful; now the Emperor has realized the threats hanging over their reign.

End of episode 4 of the Foundation: where is Gaal and who saves her?

Foundation Episode 4 Gaal Dornick

Foundation The end of episode 4 shows the cryogenic body of Gaal Dornick found by a mysterious vessel. Hari Seldon’s protégé Gaal Dornick came across Hari Seldon being murdered by his lover Raych in Foundation episode 2, and was thrown out of the Foundation spacecraft in a cryopod. She has slept for decades, lost in the depths of space, until now – conveniently just as Seldon’s first crisis takes place. The ship that retrieves its capsule does so cautiously and deliberately, suggesting that it contains people who had been tasked with retrieving it at the right time. But it’s important to remember that Raych prepared the cryo-pod for himself, only adjusting his plans when Gaal entered during the murder.

Hari Seldon’s murder remains a mystery, but it is likely that he orchestrated it himself, perhaps believing the Foundation needed him to serve as a martyr. If Seldon was indeed the one who arranged all of this, then it makes sense for the cryopod to be collected during Seldon’s first crisis, suggesting that he intended Raych to have a role to play. Unfortunately, her plans have now been disrupted, with Gaal inside the pod rather than Raych, and she will have to figure out what’s going on on her own.

Why the Anacreans attacked Terminus In Foundation

Anacréon Foundation

The Anacreons have arrived in force on Terminus. They claim to want to acquire navigation data so that they can escape their devastated homeworld, but Salvor Hardin feels there is more to it. From Salvor’s perspective, the Anacreons have been consumed by death, and they just want to go to war – kill everyone and everything. This makes their arrival on Terminus quite strange, as it’s hard to see why they would seek out a distant colony like this; Terminus has no weapons, armies, soldiers, or even anything more than the skeleton of a single abandoned ship. There is, however, one thing he has in abundance; scientists. The settlers of Terminus were all chosen because of their scientific knowledge and insight, so it’s safe to assume that this is the knowledge they seek.

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Hari Seldon’s Library Visions of Salvor Explained

Salvor Hardin Foundation Episode 4

Meanwhile, Salvor Hardin begins to doubt herself. All her life, the director of Terminus has been told that she is a “outlier“and now the settlers fear that his aggressive response to the Anacreons has threatened the entire project. But Salvor’s connection to the mysterious artifact called Vault seems to be growing stronger, even generating an intense view of Hari Seldon’s library on Trantor. This appears to confirm that, as in the original Isaac Asimov stories, the Chest was placed on Terminus by Seldon himself containing knowledge that must be imparted at the time of a Seldon Crisis, essential information to help the Foundation. to weather the galactic storms to come.It seems Salvor Hardin is exactly the kind of person Seldon was counting on, someone who has a mysteriously strong psychic connection to the Vault and therefore is able to receive his message. Shelter guides her – her eerie visions brought her to the Anacreon of the intruders on Terminus in the first place – and that will likely increase. Seldon’s library vision may well mean that Seldon left messages before his death; they were holographic recordings in Asimov’s works, but they are likely to be something much more powerful in this new modern telling of the story.

Foundation Episode 4 further reveals that Salvor Hardin possesses remarkable, almost supernatural predictive abilities. As she demonstrates, she can reflexively “call” whether a coin will flip a coin, always doing things right, and she has a supernatural power to read the very souls of people she talks to. She almost sounds like a psychohistory made manifest, another prophet, and those powers could well be related to her connection to the Vault.

Why Emperor Dawn tried to kill himself in Foundation episode 4

Brother Dawn Suicide Foundation

Meanwhile, back on Trantor, Brother Dawn attempts to kill himself – only to be foiled by his protective aura, which absorbs the kinetic impact when he jumps out the window. Although Brother Dawn does not explain himself – his attempt is seen only by a gardener – the voiceover seems to suggest that he feels trapped in Cleon’s system and that it was a desperate attempt to regain its individuality. As Lee Pace explained in an interview, each of the Emperors has two opinions: “On the one hand, they believe they are the same person. They really believe that, and they believe that this person is the emperor of the galaxy. That person actually has control over whether billions of people live or die, prosper or suffer, they believe in … but there is a limit to that control, right? And on the other side of that mind is a series of individuals who, like it or not, are individuals. They have sensitivity, they are different from each other.“It seems that the conflict between these two spirits is particularly pronounced in Brother Dawn, leading to his suicide attempt in Foundation episode 4.

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