First teaser for Tubi’s Cult Classic Horror ‘Terror Train’ remake

First teaser for Tubi’s Cult Classic Horror ‘Terror Train’ remake

by Alex Billington
September 14, 2022
Source: Youtube

“Once the ride begins, the terror never ends.” Completely free streaming service Tubi has revealed a very short trailer for its new horror remake of train of terror, originally a 1980 cult classic starring Jamie Lee Curtis. This remake is marketed as “Tubi’s version of a cult classic”, which is funny because I didn’t realize the Tubi brand was so strong that they could come up with their own “version” of remakes? Weird. The film follows a college student as she boards a “party train” for Halloween, but ends up fighting for her life when a mysterious mugger begins killing people one by one. The original film involves a similar premise – three years after a prank goes wrong, the six students responsible are targeted by a masked killer at a New Year’s Eve party aboard a train. The stars of the 2022 remake Robyn Alomar, Corteon Moore, Romy Welman, Tori Barban, Matias Garrido& Kenny Wang. Check it out – stay tuned for the full trailer.

Here is the first Philippe Gagnon trailer train of terrordirectly from Tubi’s YouTube:

Terror Train Remake

Haunted by a nasty initiation prank gone horribly wrong, Alana and a group of seniors fight for their survival as an unknown killer seeks revenge at a Halloween-themed pre-grad party in aboard a party train. Disguised by costumes and plagued by chaos, everyone is suspicious as participants are killed one by one. A remake of the original 1980 cult classic. train of terror (2022) is directed by Quebec filmmaker Philippe Gagnonfilm director First of July, Werewolf 2014, In a galaxy near you 2and tons of other TV movies (Psycho Prom Queen, kidnapped on air, The Secret Sauce) previously. The screenplay is written by Ian Carpenter and Aaron Martin, based on the 1980 film written by TY Drake and directed by Roger Spottiswoode. Produced by Kaleigh Kavanagh. Tubi will launch Gagnon’s short story train of terror movie streaming on Tubi from 21st of October just in time for Halloween. How scary so far?

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