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Perhaps no account of the Indian feminist movement can be explored with precision without the mention of revolutionary leader Anuradha Ghandy. From belonging to the Dalit Panther movement, the Naxalite movement, to the expansion of the now forbidden Krantikari Adivasi Mahila Sanghatan, Ghandy has worked with and for oppressed communities everywhere. In addition to her fieldwork, Anuradha Ghandy has also written extensively on issues of women, caste and fascism. “Philosophical trends of the feminist movement”, “Question of the castes in India”, and “Fascism, Fundamentalism and Patriarchy” remain his most important works. His analysis, largely derived from his experiences in the field, enriches our understanding of these topics in monumental ways.

About Hindutva

Written around the appointment of Narendra Modi as Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001, Anuradha Ghandy provides an excellent forecast of the rise and spread of fascism and Hindutva in Fascism, Fundamentalism and Patriarchy. She begins by pointing out how Hindutva’s ideology distracts people’s attention from their mass destitution and onto imaginary enemies.

Written around the appointment of Narendra Modi as Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001, Anuradha Ghandy provides an excellent forecast of the rise and spread of fascism and Hindutva in fascism, fundamentalism and patriarchy. She begins by pointing out how Hindutva’s ideology distracts people’s attention from their mass destitution and onto imaginary enemies.

She then goes on to explain the complicated relationship between fascism, fueled by religious fundamentalism, and patriarchy. Religious fundamentalism, she says, tries to evoke a nostalgic reimagining of the story where all was well. He then blames contemporary modern culture for the distortion of that peace and tries to mobilize people to return to traditional values. These traditional values ​​demand the submission of the housewife, stripped of all rights and personal autonomy. “It is clear that at present the main enemy of women are the Hindutva forces., “she writes. In the Indian context, fascism is so intrinsically wedded to caste and feudal order that it needs its absolute continuity to maintain itself.

She also describes Hindutva’s promotion of Sati in cases such as the forced immolation of Roop Kunwar in 1987 and his use of rape as a weapon of political attack like that seen during the riots in Gujarat. “They use women for political purposes, both when they mobilize them and when they sexually assault minority women. It is important to remember that these Hindutva forces, whether they are from the Sangh Parivar – the RSS, the Bajrang Dal, the BJP – or whether they are within other political formations like the Congress, they share the same reactionary attitude. towards women., “she writes. She also mentions the Indian state’s attitude towards minorities and women and describes it as patriarchal, feudal and Brahmin in its essence.

NYC Women's Activism
Anuradha Ghandy’s inquiry into the SSR and Hindutva relationship with women’s rights is extremely relevant today and is important reading for all feminists fighting the twin forces of Patriarchy and Hindutva. Image source:

Anuradha Ghandy’s analysis of the female sects of the RSS is also very enlightening. The RSS ideology sees women as an important part of the family, but their public participation is denied. The woman is primarily responsible for promoting Hindutva ideology in her home and neighborhood. She is charged with the responsibility of raising her children, with motherhood being one of her most important tasks, in accordance with Hindutva ideology. Her investigation of SSR and Hindutva’s relationship to women’s rights is extremely relevant today and is important reading for all feminists fighting the twin forces of Patriarchy and Hindutva. “For revolutionary and democratic forces, for the progressive feminist movement, the tasks are clearly defined:, she concludes.

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On feminism

Anuradha Ghandy’s understanding of feminism in its various facets is exemplified in her work Philosophical trends of the feminist movement. It is an in-depth study and consequent critique of the main schools of thought of feminism, including the liberal school, the postmodern school, the socialist school, the radical school and the anarchist school. Ghandy recognizes the importance of theory building in feminism and its close relationship to groundwork and movement building. She attributes the failure of the radical feminist and socialist feminist movements to the construction of an inappropriate and under-studied theory: “how incorrect theoretical analysis and bad strategies can affect a movement can be clearly seen in the case of the feminist movement. Not understanding the oppression of women as being linked to the wider socio-economic and political structure of exploitation, to imperialism, they sought solutions within the imperialist system itself.. “She links the class struggle and the imperialist world system to women’s movements all over the world and concludes that to divorce either feminism will prove to be counterproductive.

Ghandy firmly believes that women’s liberation must focus on working class and peasant women, and her report “The revolutionary movement of women in India” highlights the same. It describes in detail the work underway in rural areas of Andhra Pradesh and the mobilization of peasant women. in addition “Rape Law Changes: How Helpful Will They Be?” ” draws attention to the use of rape as a political weapon.

On caste

Anuradha Ghandy was instrumental in the Dalit Panther movement of 1974. Her understanding of India’s caste system is notably reflected in ‘Question of caste in India‘ and ‘The return of the caste question‘. She writes that caste has been the most important means of exploiting the working masses: “For the ruling classes of India, from ancient times to modern times, the caste system served as both an ideology and a social system that allowed them to suppress and exploit the majority of the working people.. ” In “Question of caste in India”, it traces the evolution of the caste from Antiquity to modern times. It highlights how everyone who came to rule India very quickly adapted to this system and learned to manipulate it to exploit the masses.

Dalit Panther Logo

In “The return of the caste question”, she undertakes another important investigation. She begins by sketching the relationship between the left movements and the Dalits. She attributes the decrease in the alliance between these two to two main reasons: “First, the traditional “communists” (especially the CPI and CPM) failed to understand the caste issue in India and often took a reactionary stance on the Dalit issue. Second, the established leadership of today’s Dalit movement is not seeking a total crushing of the caste system, but only certain concessions within the existing caste structure.. “

Ghandy believed in the total abolition of castes. Democratization in India, she writes, is not possible without ridding Indian society of the caste system. “The democratization of society mainly means breaking these old feudal institutions – in economic relations, in the reorganization of political (state) power and in social relations between man and man. Fundamentally, the essence of the democratic struggle must be to build a truly independent India and a complete revolution of all economic, political and social relations.. “This play also provides an insightful critique of the Communist caste position, which she described as intellectually lazy, and ultimately calls for unity between the left and anti-caste movements.

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Her ideas are important reading for any feminist. And yet her name is spoken in a low voice and her life’s work and writings remain confined to a few communist corners. Anuradha Ghandy was a communist, a revolutionary feminist, an educator, but the only identity the Indian state made sure to be known by was a Maoist terrorist.

Anuradha Ghandy’s work takes into account the multiple dimensions of society. Even though some of his writings deal with complicated subjects, they are written in plain language with the masses in mind. All of his work is available free online. Her ideas are important reading for any feminist. And yet her name is spoken in a low voice and her life’s work and writings remain confined to a few communist corners. Anuradha Ghandy was a communist, a revolutionary feminist, an educator, but the only identity the Indian state made sure to be known by was a Maoist terrorist.

It was while teaching a group of Adivasis women in the forests of Jharkhand that Ghandy contracted malaria and died in April 2008. In her preface to Philosophical trends of the feminist movement, Arundhati Roy perfectly sums up the spirit of Ghandy, “Anuradha Ghandy shows us a spirit and an attitude that is not afraid of nuance, is not afraid to engage in dogma, is not afraid to say it as it is – to his comrades as well as the system she fought against all her life.

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Alia Shawkat is a cult classic Sun, 09 Jan 2022 11:02:18 +0000

If there is one TV show that has managed to harness the energy of the Trump era – the mania and chaos, absurdity and delusion, rampant nihilism and the suspicion that things might get out of hand – and channel it into something special, without ever making explicit reference to politics, it’s “Search Party”. For five seasons, Sarah-Violet Bliss and Charles Rogers’ satirical thriller followed a group of friends in their twenties who set out to find a missing peer in order to validate their own lives. The show crosses tones and genres with abandon, leaning on its own madness and the misunderstandings of its characters.

When “Search Party” first aired on TBS in 2016, it was billed as a nod to millennials, but it quickly abandoned that premise, going from a mystery to Nancy Drew. to crazy court proceedings to a psychosexual thriller. The show’s fifth and final season, which debuted last week, tackles themes of cult worship and eccentric entrepreneurship (think Elon Musk and Elizabeth Holmes) before unfolding a zombie apocalypse plot. (It also stars Jeff Goldblum.) At the center of the show’s mess is Alia Shawkat, the actress who plays her protagonist and alluring villain, Dory Sief. We’ve seen Dory evolve from a millennial aimless Brooklyn to a murderer to a popular online hero to a mentally ill to a cult leader. She’s the most difficult type of character to play – someone so disconnected from herself that she constantly becomes a new person.

For Shawkat, “Search Party” was also a career rebirth. The thirty-two-year-old is no stranger to television notoriety: at fourteen, she took her hiatus playing the role of Maeby in “Arrested Development”, a show that first went unnoticed before it was released. ‘acquire a dedicated fan base. Maeby, a cranky teenager with a renegade sense of humor, has become iconic enough to define Shawkat’s work for a long time. Now, “Search Party” and Dory have become cult favorites in their own right. Shawkat is, in many ways, the accomplished modern artist, keeping his hands in many pots. She helped produce “Search Party” and wrote the 2018 experimental independent film “Duck Butter”. She’s an avid painter and she’s working on a new TV show based on her father’s life.

Shawkat was in New York City in December to attend the premiere of “Being the Ricardos,” an Aaron Sorkin project that chronicles the behind-the-scenes crises of “I Love Lucy”. (Shawkat plays one of the show’s writers.) With his freckles and mop of curls, Shawkat is a staple in person, and also disarmingly straightforward. We talked over breakfast about the end of Search Party, her friend Brad Pitt, and about being half Iraqi.

“Search Party” has always been about chaos and a change of tone, but this season is really going off the rails. Do you like the note it ends on?

We’re blowing the world up this time around, and it seems like the fitting ending.

It’s funny. When the show first aired, it was characterized as this millennial critic. But now nobody even cares about millennials.

I think even at the start the show didn’t care about caring about millennial things. Dory is a character who is so obsessed with finding out who she is, to the point of mistakenly killing someone. Showrunners have always done a good job of being aware of the culture we live in and making the show a satirical thing. And never take it too seriously. That’s what’s funny about my character: she takes everything very seriously, and the rest of the world has gone mad.

Do you spend time with Zoomers?

I have a small group of Zoomer friends. There are a lot of things they don’t know, but they don’t want to know.

Like what?

The references. Even just movie references – actors, etc. They just don’t need to impress. And you say to yourself, “But I spent so much time learning this! I feel like when I was younger it was about making it look like I knew a lot. From something as benign as movie references to. . . bad sex. My whole 20s was bad sex! But Zoomers are like, “No, we only have great connected sexual experiences.” Well, good for you.

Plus, people of my generation struggle with their relationship with Instagram and social media. They are there, but they hate each other for being there. The younger generation doesn’t even question it. They’re like, “Everything I do is publicly shared, and what’s wrong with that?” I really like taking long breaks with my phone.

In this season, Dory becomes something of a wellness guru with a cult side. Did you meet any cult figures during the preparation for this season?

Dory sort of has the vibe of Theranos, but I was more into Ram Dass, which I love and listen to at the time.

There is an intrigue about an enlightenment pill, which is prematurely thrown at the audience. Was there a connection to the vaccine there, or was he worried it might be seen as a vaccine comment?

I think it’s more about commenting on the idea of ​​packaged wellness. Don’t do the job, take a pill! It’s easier. Not to judge drugs that save a lot of lives, but it’s about this concept of “How to be happy as fast as possible?” “

Are you sensitive to the dogma of well-being?

A little, but not really. I always try to quit smoking. I am not as balanced as I would like. I do yoga. I get depressed and yoga is the only thing that really gets me out of it.

Did anything about the “Research Part” change change when you migrated from TBS to HBO Max? A bigger budget?

I was hoping for an increase in the budget. [Laughs.] But there was none. The only thing I would say is that the writers didn’t have to write during commercial breaks. It’s better for the writers, we’re free to let it flow. And now I feel like people can actually see the show. When we were filming in Brooklyn, especially Brooklyn, you could tell the viewership had increased. People would see us out and on the streets and say to themselves, “This is a fucking ‘Search Party’! “

You are credited as a “creative producer” in the series. What does it mean?

I have always been involved in a creative way, from the start. At first we weren’t sure if that would be something – it was this pilot presentation idea. We did the pilot as an independent film, in a way, before it got hooked up to a network. I think that’s also why I was able to be the leader, because if “Search Party” was already attached to a network, it would have been more difficult for me to be the star of a TV show at the time.

Why would it have been difficult to choose you for the lead role?

If it’s on a certain network, you need to do a drug test. We were able to do “Search Party” exactly as we wanted and hire the actors we wanted to hire. It was super grungy and lo-fi – stealing photos on the subway, wearing some of our own clothes. The whole crew was super young. There was no one to tell us how to do it and what the tone was. When you try to explain a show to suits, it’s like, “Believe me, this is going to be funny!” ” They do not understand.

“Something about being an actor is really embarrassing to me,” Shawkat says.

Have you ever tried to sell your own show?

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Here’s why some Republicans keep pushing the big election lies Sat, 08 Jan 2022 14:15:00 +0000

The most surprising thing about the made-up story of the rigged 2020 election is not that so many people believe it. Although that makes your head shake enough.

It is because this continuous lie works.

Count me among those who naively believed that Republicans’ fanciful claims of massive fraud in the 2020 presidential election would fade over time. There is no proof for that, to begin with. And also because I thought that the Capitol riot a year ago would leave a smell of shame that could relegate the subject to the sidelines.

But the opposite has happened.

We’re a year away from an unprecedented president’s effort to overturn an election, and since then a multitude of audits and recounts, including in this state, have found no problem with that vote, without talk about systemic fraud that could have turned the result. Yet today’s polls show that an overwhelming majority of GOP voters believe the election was stolen and that Donald Trump was the rightful winner.

This conspiracy theory, for now, appears to be helping, not harming, the party. Look who’s got the mojo in politics. Take, say, Joe Kent, an entry-level Republican candidate for Congress in southwest Washington.

Kent has raised over $ 1 million for his campaign in the 3rd Congressional District, by far the largest non-titular House challenger in the state. A recent poll found he was leading the race there, although nearly 40% of voters say they have never heard of Kent or have no opinion of him.

How can this be? It is no coincidence that Kent made the myth of the stolen election a driving force in his campaign.

He insists Trump won and called Republican Loren Culp “the real governor” of Washington state – although Culp lost to Jay Inslee in 2020 by a whopping 545,000 votes.

Last fall Kent, along with others, sued the electoral system, claiming, out of the blue, that 400,000 votes were fraudulently added to the totals here in 2020. (Since Trump lost the state of more than that, 785,000 votes, it is difficult to see what the purpose of such brazen fraud would have been, but this is not addressed in the lawsuit.)

The lawsuit does not support any of his claims and will undoubtedly be dismissed. But that doesn’t matter, because it symbolizes what’s winning in politics right now.

“It’s not about facts or any sort of reality, but group identity,” said Cornell Clayton, professor of political science at Washington State University, when I asked him this. that was happening.

Clayton, who has studied democracy and politics for 35 years, said the extreme partisan divide in the United States was not new. What’s different is that in the past the fighting was often more about politics or issues – the Vietnam wars or Iraq wars, say, or something else that was actually going on. Today, it is the social or cultural group identity that takes precedence over everything.

“Now when you lose an election it can be seen as a threat to your whole identity and your whole lifestyle,” he said.

Clayton said that by embracing Trump’s stolen election duck, politicians can “signal in the most powerful way possible that they are part of the tribe.”

Consider Jerrod Sessler, a former NASCAR driver who is making waves as a new candidate in the 4th Congressional District of Central Washington. here’s how he summarized the state of things the other day:

“President Trump IS our president! The data continues to accumulate. How many more days are we going to allow Mr. Illegitime, and even more so his coup leaders, to continue to ruin our lives? “

Trump’s drugs are potent: The guy who was democratically elected is now billed as the one who really did it, instead of the one we’ve all seen trying a stunt with our own eyes.

Of course, not all Republicans share these views. For example, last month, when King County Council member Reagan Dunn announced he was running for Congress, he said in an interview that Trump had indeed lost. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if this simple statement of fact ends be a drag on Dunn’s countryside, at least during the intra-party primary fight.

Right now, the stolen election story serves as a rationale for enacting voting restrictions, as well as an abbreviated way to rally the group for a comeback – which, while not true, is what happens. Generic preference polls show the public says they want Republicans to lead Congress, the first time the GOP has conducted this poll measure since 2014.

At the very least, the party pays no political price for its leader to try to overthrow an election.

It could be for other reasons, such as the pandemic’s lingering gloom, inflation, or the appalling work Democrats are doing to embrace or even articulate their agenda. How lame are Democrats that they can’t turn a coup attempt into some sort of concrete action, such as electoral reforms to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Clayton has said that historically it has been up to party leaders to suppress conspiracy theories from their base. What is different – unprecedented, he says – is that this time it is the leader of a party who is behind the craziest plots of all.

“Mania is at the top of the Republican Party,” he said. “And no one, except maybe [Wyoming Republican Rep.] Liz Cheney, mobilizes to counter him, to be courageous, to calm him down.

“For anyone who studies democracy, that means the lights are all blinking red.”

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Date, meaning and everything on the 356th Prakash Parv Sat, 08 Jan 2022 13:53:45 +0000

Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti 2022: The anniversary celebration of the 10th Sikh Guru – Guru Govind Singh Ji, will be celebrated on January 9, 2022.

As it is said to be one of the most important observances for Sikhs across the world, Guru Govind Singh Jayanti, also known as Gurpurab or Guru Govind Singh’s Prakash Purab, is the celebration of this festive period which will be filled with delicious feasts and langars. in Gurudwaras and enlightening Gurpurab Prabhat Pheris across the country.

Here is everything you need to know about this celebration for the year 2022.

Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 2022: date

Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 2022 will be celebrated on January 9, as previously mentioned.

According to the Hindu calendar, Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti falls on Saptami, Paush in Shukla Paksha.

Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 2022: time

Saptami Tithi starts at 10:42 a.m. on January 8, 2022 and runs until 11:08 a.m. on January 9, 2022.

Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 2022: History

Guru Gobind Singh Ji, born as Gobind Rai, was the tenth Sikh guru, a spiritual leader, warrior, poet and philosopher. He officially became the leader and protector of the Sikhs at the age of nine after his father. Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Sikh guru, was executed by Aurangzeb. He was the tenth and last Sikh guru.

Guru Gobind led the Sikh community through its teachings and philosophy and quickly gained historical significance. He was responsible for the institutionalization of the Khalsa, which played an important role in protecting Sikhs after his death. Guru Gobind Singh Ji declared Guru Granth Sahib as the holy scripture of Sikhism in 1708, before his death.

Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 2022: significance and celebration

Celebrated on January 9, Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 2022 marks the 355th anniversary of the birth of the spiritual guru.

To be a little more specific, Guru Gobind Singh was one of the ten Sikh gurus who wrote the holy book of Guru Granth Sahib.

The celebration of the birthdays or anniversaries of these ten gurus is known as Gurpurabs and is commemorated with great enthusiasm by Sikhs around the world.

There are several key aspects of Guru Govind Singh Jayanti 2022 celebrations, which cover everything from the traditional offering of Kadha prasad to preparing and attending langars and Gurudwaras to celebrate Guru Gobind Singh’s birthday. Ji with the community, there are several plans that people make and make this celebration even more joyful.

Another integral part of Guru Govind Singh Jayanti’s celebrations is to hold morning prayer meetings called Prabhat pheri. Where people read stories from Guru Granth Sahib, sing religious songs, and aartis, etc. to appear the almighty.

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Robert Sharpe identified as the person whose remains were found after the Marshall fire Sat, 08 Jan 2022 01:41:15 +0000
Robert Sharpe (courtesy Boulder Emergency Management Office)

Robert Sharpe, a dedicated environmentalist, prayer group leader and outspoken citizen who never shied away from weighing in on local affairs, died Dec. 30 in the Boulder County home he had cherished for four decades – the first Death confirmed from the Marshall fire, authorities said Friday. He was 69 years old.

“I knew as soon as I understood the fire had passed over his property he would not have fled,” Milton Sharpe, Robert’s younger brother, told the Denver Post in an email. . “I said to one of my brothers, ‘They will find him dead in his driveway with a pipe in his hand.’ “

The Boulder County Coroner on Friday identified Sharpe as the person whose partial remains were discovered this week during a search for two people missing and fearing death following the devastating Marshall fire.

Investigators this week found human remains in the 5900 block of Marshall Road, and “DNA analysis and scene circumstances” led the coroner to identify Sharpe as the deceased, the office said. of the coroner.

The cause and mode of death have not yet been officially determined, the coroner’s office said.

Sharpe owned a house at 5941 Marshall Drive, according to the county property records. This home was listed as “destroyed” in a preliminary list of damaged and destroyed properties released by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office two days after the fire.

Another person is still considered missing as authorities continue to scan the wreckage. Friends and relatives have publicly identified her as Nadine Turnbull, 91, a resident of Original Town Superior whose home was also destroyed by the wildfire.

A 40-year resident of Boulder, Sharpe was an activist, traveler and spiritual man who loved salsa dancing, his brother said. He fought hard against perceived injustices, striving to be “a good steward of the environment, his government and his community.”

“He said, ‘I will do my best for whoever God puts before me,’” wrote Milton Sharpe.

An avid follower of Native American traditions and ceremonies, Robert Sharpe organized sweat lodges in his home, where people gathered to pray and form community in the foothills of Boulder.

He was educated, said Milton Sharpe, and enjoyed studying a range of subjects.

“I remember how much he cared for me as a 7-year-old younger brother,” Milton said in the email. “He would patiently try to teach me things!”

Sharpe was a regular over the years at Boulder City Council meetings and as a caller to KGNU, Colorado’s community radio station. Sam Fuqua, former station manager and KGNU news director, said he couldn’t recall a time in his 30 years at the station when Sharpe didn’t call to give his opinion on environmental issues, politics or local development.

“This is the kind of caller you want to call on your shows,” Fuqua said. “Someone who listens, thinks, and connects points that no one else in the conversation connects. “

“A return to a bygone era”

Born October 12, 1952 in Oakland, California, Robert Sharpe was the fifth of six children to Reverend William Sunday Sharpe and Thelma Ritchie Sharpe.

His parents were missionaries in a Wesleyan Methodist religious sect called the Pillar of Fire, and in 1954 the family was reassigned from California to the church’s western headquarters in Westminster. There Robert Sharpe attended primary and secondary school.

Renee Fajardo first met Sharpe about 25 years ago, when her children were participating in Odyssey of the Mind, a problem-solving program for students. Sharpe did not have his own children, but he did help coach the teams, teaching the children about plants, water and conservation.

Sharpe wasn’t married, didn’t have a family of his own, but “it’s almost like he’s married to the land,” Fajardo said. “It was his significant other.”

Sharpe was fiercely protective of his land and way of life, Fajardo said. And he knew everything about this canyon – the mining history, the geography.

“It was a living and breathing historical entity for him,” said Fajardo.

He has spent his life on his own, his family says, working as a roofer, renovator, jack-of-all-trades. His property was filled with spare parts, cars and machinery he had collected over the years.

“It’s kind of a throwback to a time gone by,” Fajardo said.

Their work together through Odyssey of the Mind has helped Fajardo launch a career in Indigenous studies, she said. She is currently the coordinator of the “Journey Through Our Heritage” program at Metropolitan State University in Denver, which takes students to the San Luis Valley and New Mexico to learn about their history, culture and ancestors.

“We are woven into this great tapestry with each other,” said Fajardo. “When a thread starts you can’t tell, but you step back after 30 years and realize that we have woven this beautiful tapestry together. “

“Such a catastrophic and incredibly sad end”

Nick Monastra remembers playing at Sharpe’s house in Boulder as a child. When Monstra’s father passed away ten years ago, Sharpe dealt with the police and the coroner, protecting the 23-year-old during a particularly devastating time.

“It meant the world to me,” Monastra said.

The two have lost sight of each other over the past 10 years, but Monastra still thinks of something Sharpe used to say: instead of using the phrase ‘kill two birds with one stone’ Sharpe would say : “Feed two birds with a seed”.

“The feeling is beautiful and fair,” said Monastra. “That’s how he saw the value of things.”

Milton Sharpe remembers his brother’s wonderful belly laugh. He always smiled and often showed up to friends’ houses at Christmas with stockings full of presents.

Robert Sharpe had the ambition to collect as many family memories as he could find, amassing thousands of pages of documents. His family believe he died trying to save this collection.

“Dear brother, this is such a catastrophic and incredibly sad end to your story! Milton Sharpe wrote. “I still can’t figure it out. You still had a lot of verse to write, Robert.

Robert Sharpe’s family have requested that anyone interested in making a donation in his honor can do so with the Boulder County Wildfire Fund.

What it will take to push Apple to $ 4 trillion Fri, 07 Jan 2022 17:31:08 +0000

Two monumental events happened this week. Apple became the first US company to be worth $ 3 trillion. And a day later, it’s the official end of BlackBerry, a series of phones that once dominated the market.

The collapse of BlackBerry is proof that today’s winners are not necessarily tomorrow’s. While in the years to come Apple could become the first company to reach $ 4 trillion, it could also set off on a path that will end in failure.

Here’s some of what Apple will do to prevent it from ending up like BlackBerry.

Stay on top of what customers want

There’s not a single reason BlackBerry ended up on the trash heap. Lots of mistakes were made. But one of the most important hasn’t been successfully following device trends.

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has grown its business with phones with smaller screens and physical keyboards. But the success of the iPhone has shown that bigger screen phones are what customers want. BlackBerry did not, or could not, make the change. His attempts to keep up with the pace failed, so he mostly settled for variations on his familiar designs. Until it’s too late.

Apple will not go this route. Although Cupertino is used to setting trends, they are not ignorant of what buyers want. This almost certainly means including folding screens in future versions of the iPhone. Fortunately, there is plenty of evidence that the company is moving in this direction.

There is some vocal resistance to a foldable iPhone. But a decade ago, there were also loads of people swearing that they would never buy a phone without a physical keypad, and look how it turned out.

And that’s just the most obvious change. Expect Apple to mix new horizons with the following device trends to hit $ 4 trillion.

Don’t fuck up

Following the release of the iPhone, BlackBerry has strived to remain competitive. His solution was the BlackBerry Storm, his first phone with a large screen instead of a keyboard. Too bad it’s a messy buggy.

Apple has lasted a very long time – another big event this week was the 45th anniversary of its incorporation. While Apple has certainly made its fair share of mistakes over the decades, it has also managed to correct them before they destroy the business.

Perhaps Apple’s most existential threat now is its inability to launch bug-free macOS and iOS versions. One of the results is the slow adoption of iOS 15. If the problem persists, Cupertino will be in trouble.

Fortunately, the solution is obvious, if not easy to achieve. And the problem only got worse a few years ago, so it’s hard to fix. Apple CEO Tim Cook and VP of Software Craig Federighi are sure to be among them.

Apple has a long history of manufacturing laptops, notebooks, phones, tablets, and more. A big part of what he needs to do is stay the course to keep the business strong.

Take big steps

One of the nails in BlackBerry’s coffin was the BlackBerry Playbook, its attempt to break into the tablet market. Unfortunately, this device could not compete with the iPad.

Apple will also enter new markets en route to a valuation of $ 4 trillion. It should start in 2022 with a VR / AR headset. This would be followed in a few years with a pair of augmented reality glasses. Predictions indicate that AR will eventually replace all computer screens, and Apple looks set to play a leading role in it.

A “moon shot” project is the Apple car that is said to be in development for almost a decade. The project has seen many speed bumps over the years, and predictions about when the vehicle will finally leave the field are all over the road.

However, Apple has the nerve and the money to take big risks like these. And they will be important for the future success of the business.

Apple: $ 4 trillion and beyond

Until Apple screwed up, it will likely hit a market cap of $ 4 trillion in a relatively short time. It hit $ 3 trillion just 16 months after breaking the $ 2 trillion mark. And it only took two years to go from $ 1,000 billion to $ 2,000 billion.

In the longer term, reaching $ 5,000 billion may require some of these “big leaps” to pay off. A successful pair of AR glasses would help a lot. And showrooms full of customers buying Apple cars would also increase AAPL’s stock.

The future of the company looks bright. And that’s good news for iPhone and Mac users whether or not they own AAPL stocks.

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How Democracy is Eroding – Lessons from a Nixon Expert Fri, 07 Jan 2022 05:07:12 +0000

By Ken Hughes, University of Virginia

Now that a full year has passed since the Jan.6, 2021 assault on Capitol Hill, the 2020 elections, and the republic, it is evident that the attack never really ended. Instead, it spread to other, less visible and more vulnerable targets.

Donald Trump had hoped to reverse his electoral defeat in a unique, decisive and dramatic confrontation between his supporters and those of the republic, broadcast live around the world. His plan backfired on us, filling our screens with vivid illustrations of authoritarianism’s most loathsome evils: chaos, lawlessness, violence, racism, fascism and all manner of hatred rages on. The blatant nature of the subversion provoked an immediate reaction, even among some Republicans.

Had he studied democratic erosion before becoming a practitioner, Trump would have known that effective authoritarians are gradually tightening their grip on government, stealthily undermining courts, legislatures, election officials, news organizations, the opposition. politics and other institutions strong enough to control them.

Blow by a thousand cuts is the stuff of nightmares of defenders of democracy and the dream of authoritarian politicians.

“The story of democratic erosion in other countries is that it happens invisibly, you don’t have that tank moment on the streets,” Brendan Nyhan told The New Yorker. Nyhan is a political scientist in Dartmouth and co-director of Bright Line Watch, a group of political scientists who “monitor democratic practices, their resilience, and potential threats.”

Destructive conspiracy theories

Democratic erosion in America hinges on the destructive and patently false conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was stolen. As the author of a few books on Richard Nixon – who before Trump was the greatest White House conspiracy theorist we know of – I see conspiracy theories less as failures of rationality and more as triumphs. rationalization.

When Nixon muttered to White House aides that he was the victim of a conspiracy by Jews, intellectuals and Ivy Leaguers, “arrogant” people who he said put themselves above the law, he did so to justify arrogantly placing oneself above the law. Nixon launched a real fantasy plot, plotting real crimes – penetrating the Brookings Institution, leaking grand jury information damaging to Democrats – against those he considered real criminals, despite a chronic lack of evidence.

Likewise, when conspiracy theorists mistakenly claim that the last election was stolen, they are putting the pieces together to steal the next one. Not by something as blatant as putting pressure on a vice president to publicly shirk his duty to certify the vote, but by more subtle means, like taking over the offices that manage the certification of votes at the state level.

U.S. Representative Jody Hice, a Republican who voted against President Joe Biden’s certification of victory, is running to topple Georgian Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican who would not give in to pressure from Trump to “find” enough votes to overturn the election result. Fifteen Republicans refusing the election are running for secretary of state, according to NPR, which increases the risk that people who refuse to accept the results of the last presidential election will decide whether or not to certify the results of the next one.

Georgia’s Republican-controlled legislature has revealed who controls the party by removing Raffensperger from his vote in the state electoral council, which sets electoral rules and investigates allegations of fraud. They also passed new electoral laws targeting local councils. “The laws allow Republicans to remove local officials they dislike,” The New York Times reported. Most of those removed initially were Democrats, at least half of whom were people of color.

Georgia is not alone. In at least eight other states, Republican-controlled legislatures have seized power from those who upheld the honesty of the last election, such as secretaries of state and local election officials, and handed it over to officials. partisan entities, ABC News reported. Many, if not all, of these Secretaries of State were partisan officials, although they behaved largely in a non-partisan manner.

Much reporting has rightly focused on the most important outcome of the electoral fraud lies, the “integrity of the vote” legislation. These stories focused on how little such legislation does to address America’s already small problem of voter fraud, and how much the legislation does to create problems for people who want to vote, especially if those people tend to vote Democrat.

Republican Richard Nixon, standing in 1968 in front of a partisan arena, had to moderate his positions to appeal to Democratic voters, who were in the majority when he ran for various positions. Hulton Archives / Getty Images

False claims, real threats

Less attention has been paid to the influx of conspiracy theorists to the local level of election administration, where they could distort elections in several ways. They could discriminate in the application of voter identification laws, force people to vote provisionally and contest, organize polling stations in such a way as to create long lines, etc., said Scott Seeborg, Pennsylvania state director of All Voting Is Local, a non-partisan group fighting to “remove discriminatory ballot barriers.”

If election workers dismiss false accusations of electoral fraud, they can face death threats. The Reuters news service documented more than 800 hostile and threatening messages to election workers related to conspiracy theories, including: “We’re coming after you and all the other mothers, the ones who stole this election; “” Everyone with a gun will be in your house; “And” We are now watching your children and loved ones. “

These threats are not shouted on television in front of the indignant majority; they appear without warning, Reuters reports, often anonymously, in individual voicemail and mailboxes, inspiring fear without eliciting a reaction.

By these means and more, the authoritarians seize power to win the elections without winning a majority of the votes. It’s something Nixon never dared to try.

In every race he has run – for the House, Senate, Vice President and President – Nixon has faced an electorate where Democrats have a power play advantage. This forced him to moderate his politics and his policies, to broaden their calls for the majority.

Today, Republicans can win not only the White House, but also Congress and the gerrymandered state legislatures, without winning a majority. “We are witnessing a minority takeover of our democracy,” constitutional law scholar Kermit Roosevelt wrote in TIME. It takes place not only at the national level, but at the state and local level.

This is why defenders of democracy – Republicans, Democrats and all people of good will – must not make Trump’s mistake by thinking that the future of the nation will be decided in one public confrontation. and decisive. It depends on a thousand small struggles with huge stakes, on the unsung efforts of unknown heroes.

Ken Hughes is a research specialist at the Miller Center at the University of Virginia. This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.

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Kejriwal government of Aam Aadmi party will make Punjab peaceful, happy and prosperous: Raghav Chadha Thu, 06 Jan 2022 16:34:39 +0000

The leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and co-head of Punjab affairs, Raghav Chadha, blamed the Congressional government for Punjab’s lax security system and called the Channi government a very weak and unnecessary government. He claimed that the Congressional government had completely failed to protect the people of the Punjab. During the press conference held at the party’s headquarters on Thursday, Chadha said that the Punjab is the land of gurus. The people of the Punjab are peace loving people; Living together and mutual brotherhood is the beauty of Punjab. But some anti-Punjab forces attempt to spoil the peace, prosperity and brotherhood of Punjab whenever elections approach. Also in 2017, just before the elections, there were bombings in Maur and sacrilegious incidents by Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Coran Sahib. Likewise, once again, with the approach of elections, some anti-Punjab forces are engaging in bombings and sacrilege of religious scriptures to create an atmosphere of fear. There was an attempted sacrilege in Sri Harmandir Sahib and a bombing occurred in broad daylight in Ludhiana.

Chadha expressed concern over the Prime Minister Modi’s security failure incident and said that Prime Minister Modi and the BJP are extremely unpopular in Punjab. Our political ideology is also completely different from that of Modi and the BJP but it is a big surprise that there is a loophole in the security of the Prime Minister. However, the Prime Minister needed an excuse to cancel the rally as the chairs were completely empty at the rally. And the weak Congressional government gave them the excuse of security. He demanded an impartial investigation into the Prime Minister’s security breaches. Chadha attacked the Congressional government, claiming that the Channi government was so incompetent and weak that within 100 days, four DGPs were changed and every twelve hours a new transfer list is issued. The leaders of Congress, fighting among themselves for power, will never be able to protect the Punjab. He said that the Punjab needs a government that ensures peace and at the same time better security. Neither Channi’s weak government nor Badal’s corrupt government can do this job. He promised the people of Punjab that the Aam Aadmi party would give a stable and strong government to the Punjab. The AAP government will fully protect the Punjab and the people of Punjab and make the Punjab peaceful, happy and prosperous. Speaking to the media, AAP leader and Assembly opposition leader Harpal Singh Cheema said the congressional government could not catch even a single culprit for the Maur and the blast. sacrilege case over the past five years. On the contrary, it protects the mafia and the criminals. If those responsible for the sacrileges, shooting and bombings had been punished, no such tragic incident would have happened in Punjab today. He said the traditional parties were trying to get votes from the people of Punjab by creating an atmosphere of panic and fear. But now the people of Punjab have understood their infamous intention. This time, the people of Punjab will not allow their malicious desires to come true.

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Marshall’s neighbors set fire to Ground Zero curious, relieved and angry at possible religious sect guilt | Subscriber content Thu, 06 Jan 2022 00:43:41 +0000

The zero point neighbors of Colorado’s most devastating wildfires exchanged tales of emergency, confusion, helplessness and anger as Old Marshall Road first opened to the public on Wednesday.

Bob Gabriella, whose family were the first to build on the historic rural street in 1865, said he saw a trickle of smoke rising from the Twelve Tribes property on December 30 at around 9 a.m. “The wind was blowing quite hard. I was afraid. I told my wife to go get the suitcases, ”he told The Gazette as he examined the gray and ashy outline of what were once two vintage motorcycles. “This one is a 1936 Harley that my dad rode,” he said.

The charred remains of motorcycles that were in The Marshall Barn can be seen off Marshall Road on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, in Boulder County, Colo. (Timothy Hurst / The Gazette)

He didn’t have time to save the vintage cycles because the barn everyone compares to a museum has turned into a horrific fireball. Three fire extinguishers hanging from a bucket on a charred tractor in the yard: two of them are red and one is burnt. “I used them all to try to save this barn. I sometimes hang things on it so people can see it, ”he said. On Sundays, neighbors say, dozens of weekend cyclists use the Eclectic Road as a side route for their weekend trips, as they enjoyed looking at the old buildings. A white concrete structure that was once a brothel for miners was luckier than the barn.

How to help those affected by the Marshall fire

A survey of neighbors to determine the damage on their block gave the same approximate time for when they noticed the fire on December 30. Some people smelled smoke before seeing him, around 9 a.m.

010522-news-MarshallFireAftermath02.JPG (copy)

Resident Bob Gabriella, whose family has lived on Marshall Road in what is now unincorporated Boulder County for generations, stands in front of the burnt remains of one of his family’s buildings originally built in the 1870s while studying the damage on Marshall Road on Wednesday, Jan. 5, 2022, in unincorporated Boulder County, Colorado (Timothy Hurst / The Gazette)

A woman named Brie, who asked not to give her last name, told The Gazette her sister was driving near the compound of Freeway 93 and Marshall Road around 9 a.m. and sent a text saying it looked like there was a bonfire on the Twelve Tribes. property. “She couldn’t believe it because it was a red flag day,” Brie said.

About an hour later, people at the Sans Souci Trailer Park across Highway 93 saw smoke billowing from the lands of the Twelve Tribes. Ryan Davis, who says he keeps an eye on the area as a rule, decided to walk his dog towards the fire in the middle of the morning. He said a shed at the back of the five-acre complex was burning from the outside and at that time the roof was intact. “Something caught fire in the hangar and it was on fire but no one seemed to notice. There was no one up there. No fire engines.

Mike Zoltkowski, who lives nearby and filmed the burning hangar as the winds picked up, said he saw the first fire trucks arrive to block the roads around 11:15 a.m. At 11:45 a.m., he saw the first fire trucks arriving to block the roads at around 11:15 a.m. saw the hangar engulfed in flames and saw three people gathered around a truck. One of the men had parted his shoulder and the other two were helping him to safety. He asked what was going on and he said that they told him that one of their buildings had caught fire, and that “everything was under control”, Zoltkowski recalls. “It certainly didn’t feel under control to me. “

010522-news-MarshallFireAftermath08.JPG (copy)

A vintage truck sits on the property of resident Bob Gabriella following the Marshall Fire on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, in Boulder County, Colo. (Timothy Hurst / The Gazette)

Yet another neighbor who only wanted to be identified as June due to the sensitive nature of the investigation, told The Gazette that there is an outbreak on the Twelve Tribes property that often burns down and sometimes spits out smoke. embers in the air that floated in his yard. “I called the sheriffs about this for a year and they kept telling me there was nothing they could do,” June said.

She said she was so furious about the “burns on and off in the hearth” that she once walked to the property to ask the people who live there to put out the fire. “They told me they could do whatever they wanted on their land. When I told the sheriffs about it, they agreed. June said she often saw people in the compound burning something in the foyer. “They have a front loader and they scrape their shit or whatever they burn together and put it in that pit.” She said there had been nights when she could see the orange flames of the fireplace lighting up the darkness.

Was there anyone looking after the fire during these nightly sightings? She shrugged her shoulders. “I’m going to give the sheriff some time to sort this out and if he doesn’t, I told him I’m speaking to the media,” she said.

June said that at 4 p.m. on December 30, the front loader was furiously dumping dirt on the fire pit to try and put out the fire. She called the fire department who she said told her the fire truck was running out of water.

A log on the Mountain View Fire Department website shows the exact times and locations of the work one of its fire trucks was working on in the Marshall Road and Highway 93 area on the morning of the 30th. December.

“At 11:39 am, Louisville Battalion 2760 arrived and took command from the Marshal, requesting additional resources from the town of Boulder. Command reported a fire in a hangar north of Park-n-Ride and asked the next unit to intervene there, ”the newspaper reported.

A red flag ban was in effect on December 30 for the region. Boulder County Sheriff Joe Pelle has said in press conferences that the area of ​​Marshall Road and Highway 93 is at the center of the investigation. Numerous requests to Boulder County sheriffs for records of the number of times MPs have been called to the property have been dismissed by authorities, citing it is an ongoing investigation.

The National Weather Service reports winds were gusting 81 miles per hour in South Boulder and up to 99 miles per hour on Highways 93 and 72, which are within a mile of owned by the Twelve Tribes. At noon this spot had a maximum gust of 115 miles per hour. These strong winds moved easterly across Superior and most of Louisville between 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. Boulder site.

On Old Marshall Road, Jeff Giddings watched firefighters across the street spray water on the first victim of the 2021 Marshall fire. “We don’t have any hoses here. We are on a well. The trucks were running out of water, ”Giddings said. The flames were so red her face hurt. At 4.30 p.m., the firefighters had to give up.

“That’s when we realized we might not get there,” Giddings said. “We took our computers and some papers and got out of there, but thought our house would be gone when we got back.” His house, which was once a gas station, has been spared.

He remembers that after the fire was out and the houses were smoldering, his neighbors came to borrow a shovel. “I thought they wanted to put out the embers. But they needed help burying their dog. Giddings showed a journalist a charred limb sticking out of the black earth. Behind, there was a statue of a cherub. “He was a little black mutt… kind of a lab I think,” Giddings said, passing molten metal doors and patio furniture.

010522-news-MarshallFireAftermath06.JPG (copy)

The grave of a resident’s dog stands beside Marshall Road on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, in Boulder County, Colo. (Timothy Hurst / The Gazette)

On Tuesday afternoon, an American Family Insurance real estate expert was interviewing residents, an Excel truck was working on gas meters, and crews on ladders were assessing power lines. Dozens of law enforcement vehicles parked on the perimeter of Twelve Tribe property, including the Boulder Police Department Bomb Squad van, several K-9 fire trucks, and vehicles from the Boulder Police Department. Boulder County Sheriff. Investigators blocked an adjacent dirt road and new fences protected the structures that dot the interior, most of which were still standing. A group of law enforcement vehicles surrounded the hangar at the west end of the property, which was shown in videos taken by residents and which went viral.


Boulder Police Bomb Squad vehicle exits Twelve Tribes property at Marshall Road and Highway 93

Bob Gabriella’s son lost his home on Old Marshall Road and did not pay his insurance. He cries at odd times when a moment strikes him, such as when he realizes that the stucco house his family built on Old Marshall Road is still standing. Up front is the restored Studebaker he rescued.

“Do you see this car? My wife and I dated.

He said the car his father took his mother in on their first date was in the garage. He was able to pull these treasures out of the fire as he raged around him on the afternoon of December 30.

Bob Gabriella knows the neighbors are talking about the Twelve Tribes home; but he has a different point of view.

“They were great neighbors,” he said, explaining that they saved one of his rental homes from a swarm of invading bees. “They took the bees and the beehive and brought me a candle,” he said, adding that the children in the compound “were walking up and down the street.”

He pointed to a bench on his now crumbling property where they like to sit.

As the sun set and snow fell on Wednesday night, investigators were gone, but the sheriff’s vehicles were still parked at the corners of the empty Twelve Tribes property.

WhatsApp adds contact photos to notifications on iPhone Wed, 05 Jan 2022 15:29:20 +0000
The functionality is already being tested.
Image: WABetaInfo / Cult of Mac

A future WhatsApp update will bring contact photos to your notifications on iPhone. The feature, which requires iOS 15 or later, is already tested with beta users in version of the app.

This is just one of the many improvements that WhatsApp has started working on for its iPhone app. Others include revamped contact pages and a community feature that gives admins more control over their groups.

WhatsApp will improve notifications on iPhone

Apple made a number of notifications enhancements with iOS and iPadOS 15, including the ability to view contact photos. The built-in Messages app was obviously the first to take advantage of it, but others quickly followed suit.

Twitter, Discord, and Slack have also added contact photos to notifications, and WhatsApp will be joining the list soon. WABetaInfo reports that the feature is already seen by some WhatsApp beta testers.

Not all testers will see it yet, the report says, and those who do see it “may have problems adding profile photos to specific notifications” due to the early bugs in the beta. But it should improve and extend to all WhatsApp users in the future.

Viewing contact photos in your notifications can make it easier to identify a message at a glance. As it is, you only see the name of the contact, next to a large WhatsApp icon.

More to come in 2022

WhatsApp has a bunch of other enhancements slated for 2022. In addition to those mentioned above, it will also give users the ability to filter nearby businesses and hide their ‘last seen’ status from unknown numbers.

We’re also still waiting for WhatsApp to finally roll out an official iPad app. It has multi-device support already in place, and it’s believed a suitable tablet app will follow. It’s one of the few messaging services that doesn’t work on iPad.

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