Fact-checking and conspiracy theory video falsely claims the White House is closed forever

Contrary to claims made in a misleading video, the White House is open and operational.

A Facebook video titled “WHITE HOUSE CLOSED FOREVER AS THE TRUTH COMES OUT” makes various claims related to the QAnon conspiracy theory (here).

The January 23 video post features a still photo of the White House overlaid with footage of a restricted area sign and audio from a male narrator.

As with other videos previously debunked by Reuters (here), the footage makes various misrepresentations.

The video deals with the arrests and executions of prominent government figures and the mass release of child trafficking victims from a shadowy, non-operational White House. Child trafficking is a common theme in QAnon conspiracy theory (here).

Reuters found no reports or evidence to support claims that the White House is closed.

The White House remains open and operational as evidenced by activity on the White House Twitter account (twitter.com/WhiteHouse) and White House footage from a January 27 press briefing by press secretary Jen Psaki (here) conducted in the White House press briefing room.

A White House earthTV live camera can be seen (here) and also offers exterior views of the building.

A Reuters White House correspondent also confirmed the building was open and operational on January 28.


False. There is no evidence to support claims that the White House is closed forever.

This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. Learn more about our fact-checking work here.

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