Explanation of the TV show Aes Sedai Colors, aka Ajahs in the wheel of time

As the fourth episode of The wheel of time is now available, we are learning more about the Aes Sedai culture. More importantly, there is a meaning behind the colors that an Aes Sedai wears and it is related to their Ajahs.

In the three previous episodes of The wheel of time, we saw several Aes Sedai put on dresses of different colors. For example, Moiraine Damodred wears a blue outfit while Liandrin Sedai wears a red outfit. It turns out it wasn’t just a fashion choice but a symbol of their Ajahs – sects within the organization that resides in the White Tower.

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In the Arcane: Archives of the Council | Final Entry Trailer



In the Arcane: Archives of the Council | Final Entry Trailer






The Seven Colors Aes Sedai aka Ajahs

Aes Sedai is an organization in which there are several groups whose members work towards the same goal. When the Dragon shattered the world, the Aes Sedai society was formed, made up entirely of women. Over time, members have broken down into specific divisions to accomplish the tasks of the organization. These divisions became known as Ajah, each with its own rules and internal leadership.

When an Aes Sedai is promoted from Accepted to a full sister, she chooses her Ajah and adopts her vision. There are seven Ajahs of Aes Sedai which are symbolized by different colors – blue, red, green, yellow, brown, white, gray. Each of these Ajahs has different ideologies and goals in The wheel of time as explained below:

1. Ajah blue

Members of Blue Ajah wear blue robes just like Moiraine and are dedicated to the pursuit of justice on behalf of the Aes Sedai. This group has the largest spy ring that functions as the eyes and ears of the organization. The current leader of the Aes Sedai, Amyrlin Seat and Siuan Sanche, came from Ajah Bleue. Members of this group have Guardians and view them as partners in righteousness.

2. Red Ajah

Red Ajah’s sisters are dedicated to preventing the misuse of One Power. This includes stalking men who can channel them and stop them by any means necessary – whether by “softening” them (taking away their power) or killing them. Within the organization, they also punish the Aes Sedais who abuse their powers. The members of the Red Ajah do not relate to the Guardians at all.

3. Green Ajah

The sisters of Green Ajah are known for their combat skills, as their goal is to prepare for the final battle that would take place when the dragon returns. They are known for their exuberant lifestyle and they bind several Guardians and more than often marry at least one of them.

4. Ajah yellow

All Aes Sedai have healing abilities, but members of Yellow Ajah use more powerful healing methods using the unique power. Since this is their primary ability, they tend to be weak in other areas such as combat skills, but there is no disease that they cannot cure.

5. Brown Ajah

It is the Aes Sedai who engage in the academic field, focus on the study and collection of knowledge of all kinds. They can be compared to the scientists of the Aes Sedai and they observe all the ways in which the One Power can be used.

6. White Ajah

White Ajah’s sisters are few in number and they are known to devote themselves to philosophical study. White Ajahs usually disconnect from the world to reflect on higher thoughts, so they are usually awkward and mostly stay inside the White Tower. They usually don’t bind Guardians for the same reason.

7. Gray Ajah

It consists of Aes Sedai who assumes diplomatic roles. They serve as ambassadors who try to mediate and find peaceful resolutions between the realms. Due to the nature of their work, they spend more time in the outside world and also bond with the gatekeepers.

The black Ajahs hidden at Aes Sedai

The Aes Sedai of the White Tower claim that there are no black Ajahs. But rumors suggest that the Black Ajahs are regular members of Aes Sedai who hide in plain sight of every Ajah. They secretly support the Dark One and wait for him to break free. Their roles are similar to those of Darkfriends in The wheel of time but they are much more powerful and dangerous.

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