Egyptian MP calls for PKK to be removed from “terrorist list” – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The Kurdistan Digital Media Council announced in a statement yesterday that it would launch a hashtag campaign on November 26; Remove the PKK from the terrorism list.

Egyptian parliamentarian, member of the House of Representatives and vice-chairman of the Tajmua party, Atef Maghawry, posted an article on his social media pages, in which he called for the PKK’s name to be removed from the “terrorism list. “.

Atef Maghawry said in his post:

“The Kurdistan Workers’ Party expresses the activity of revolutionary forces, and it intensifies the political struggle in Turkey to guarantee the rights of the Kurdish people who are unable to speak out due to the arbitrary policies of the Ottoman era, since the establishment of the Turkish Republic so far.

Turkish and world political forces are also asked to give the PKK the opportunity to establish its existence in addition to removing it from the “terrorism list”.

I am convinced that this struggle full of great sacrifices is the expression of the demands and ideas of the peoples of Turkey, and that the main objectives are within the Turkish state, and in the words of the fighter Abdullah Ocalan, for the good for building a multinational state and for building Kurdish nationalism in Turkey, which includes under its banner all nationalities, sects, religions, all races in Turkey, and that is why I think there must be a struggle in this form and with these objectives.

Therefore, removing the PKK from the terrorist list is a major action for all forces seeking to guarantee the rights and demands of peoples and their aspirations for freedom and liberation. It is also the demand of all the revolutionary forces and all the parties calling for the construction of democratic civil societies.

Therefore, I agree with all possibilities for the right of the PKK to work politically inside Turkey, like the rest of the forces, and to remove its name from the terrorism list, because terrorism does not is not a branch of its business. I think his fight is a fight for freedom.

Political forces struggle in different ways and in different forms to achieve their objectives, and among these forms are armed combats to prove their existence. She also gave a lot of blood and sacrifice and won many victories. “



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