Cult Classic Better Off Dead finally available for digital purchase

Better to die, the 1985 comedy from director Savage Steve Holland, is finally available to buy on digital video platforms. The film was available to watch periodically when it was a cable channel that had a streaming option (it is currently airing on Showtime), this is the first time fans have been able to purchase and own the film numerically. This decision precedes the planned December release of a new edition of the Blu-ray, so it’s likely that these two things are related. It also follows on from last year’s book, Diane Franklin: The Excellent COMEDY of the Last French American Exchange of the 80s: The Better to die Tribute to cinema.

In this book, Franklin – who stars in the film as French exchange student Monique Junot in the film – spoke to many of the cast and crew behind Better to die and wrote an autobiographical version of one of the defining experiences of his professional life. The film, which was a box office dud, has since become a cult classic, garnering die-hard fans, at least in part due to heavy rotation on Comedy Central in the early 2000s.

Better to die, for me, it’s my favorite movie I’ve ever done,” Franklin told “For a lot of reasons — I really like my job, really. I’m very proud of a lot of things I’ve done, but Better to die was a movie I would have seen, even if I wasn’t there. It was very sweet and funny and romantic, and there’s a sweetness to the film that I love. I love the movie, so I knew whatever I did, it was going to be there. But I was a little nervous about writing it. The other two books I wrote were about my perception of the experiences that were happening, and in this book I felt more responsible, because I’m not just talking about the people I worked with, but it’s also the memories that people feel watching the movie, and the expectations of, they want to know additional things, but also, it has to be about love. The movie makes you feel good, so the thing about this book that’s different from other books is that I needed to approach it from a fan’s perspective.”

You can pick up a copy of Franklin’s Better Off Dead book here. The film itself is available on Amazon, Vudu, and other digital video-on-demand platforms for rental and sale.

Here is the synopsis of the film:

After his girlfriend (Amanda Wyss, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET) dumps him for a rude ski athlete, Lane (John Cusack, HIGH FIDELITY) decides suicide is the answer. However, his increasingly inept attempts only bring him more agony, not to mention embarrassment. Filled with the craziest teenage nightmares, a family you can’t help but identify with, and a slew of hugely comedic characters, BETTER OFF DEAD is an essential 80s classic and tale of painfully funny teenager.

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