Covid vaccination campaign accelerates in state

Vaccination against the coronavirus has intensified in the state in recent weeks. In the past two days, more than a lakh of people received daily doses on average. According to figures from the health department, on Saturday 1.08 lakh people received corona vaccines. Out of 1.08 lakh of people vaccinated, 95,730 people received the first doses of the vaccine, while 13,133 people received the second doses of the vaccine.

Saturday was the second day to achieve the one lakh vaccination goal, earlier on Friday 1.02 lakh vaccination doses were administered to people. Out of 1.02 lakh people who received corona vaccines, 95,730 people received the first doses while 7,101 people received second doses of the vaccine.

A senior health official who spoke on condition of anonymity said: “In recent weeks, vaccination campaigns have intensified as people go to vaccination centers to get vaccinated. If the vaccination campaign continues at such a pace, we hope to be able to vaccinate a large part of the population. “

The official said, however, that in urban areas people are enthusiastic about getting the vaccine, but in rural areas people are reluctant to get the vaccine. The state government to intensify vaccination campaigns in rural areas is conducting various awareness campaigns. The Ranchi District Administration has assembled teams that go to remote areas of rural areas to motivate people to get vaccinated. On Saturday, Sonhahatu Block Development Officer (BDO) Suchitra Minj visited different villages in Sonhahatu Block to raise awareness about immunization. On the BDO intervention, approximately 45 people in the 45-60 age group were vaccinated. Likewise, under Rahe block of Ranchi district, a district administration team including BDO Ravi Prakash, senior officer Manmohan Prasad and others visited Ambajharia village of Rahe block to motivate people to stand up for themselves. get vaccinated. On the intervention of senior officers, more than 30 people were vaccinated.

Additionally, the state government to step up vaccination in rural areas has appealed to local religious leaders and village leaders to encourage villagers to get vaccinated against Covid-19. The health department has asked district administrations in tribal areas to include village chiefs and local religious leaders such as mankis, mundas, pahan and other religious gurus to participate in the campaign. vaccination awareness campaign in tribal areas.

Lohardaga deputy commissioner Dilip Kumar Toppo said: “The district administration, with the help of religious leaders such as the village pahan, the church priest and maulvis, is raising public awareness about immunization. in the district. “Maulvis even made announcements from mosques and the Church urged people to get vaccinated, dispelling myths and misconceptions about the side effects of vaccination,” Toppo added.

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