Content creators have a new choice of tiny wireless microphone system

Content creators can think outside the box with this platform.
Photo: SmallRig

Known for its camera and lighting hardware, SmallRig released its new Forevala W60 handheld wireless microphone system this week.

This gives podcasters and other content creators a new option for great sound on the go.

SmallRig Forevala W60 Compact 2-Person Wireless Microphone System (2.4GHz)

SmallRig’s brand new Forevala W60 system will go with similar systems at similar prices, around $200. This includes the Røde Wireless Go II microphone system. But the Røde is available in single-receiver and dual-receiver options.

The SmallRig system comes with two transmitters and one receiver in a travel case, ideal for use in occasional maintenance situations. And you can buy a lavalier mic separately and add it to the mix, creating more placement options.

The Forever W60 offers dual-channel, low-latency wireless audio transmission with a signal range of up to 100m. It would be a line of site, with no obstacles in the way.

Like similar mic setups, it features a high performance omnidirectional condenser microphone for high definition recording. The low-cut feature eliminates low frequency noise below 200Hz to make audio output sound purer.

Using it, you can switch between mono and stereo. Stereo recording and sound reproduction improve post-editing, SmallRig said. You can mute the sound by quickly pressing the power button.

A nifty gain adjustment feature gives you convenient access to input and output volume on the receiver, so you don’t need to access software.

System battery life from a single graph is rated at 8 hours.

You can charge the transmitters and receiver while in storage by connecting the carrying case to power via USB-C or a supplied USB-A cable.

Price: $199

Or buy: small rig

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