Conspiracy-obsessed Republicans will turn Colorado back to the left

Colorado Republicans could be on the verge of finally winning a major election in 2022 after being routed in the 2016, 2018 and 2020 cycles, resulting in Democratic dominance not seen since the 1930s.

A recent nonpartisan national poll shows President Joe Biden is drastically underwater in Colorado with just 37% approving him as president while 54% said they disapprove. Meanwhile, Democrats are scared of Biden’s runaway, runaway inflation and an explosive crime wave they’ve created through their pro-crime policies.

The key word in the main sentence is “could” because given where some Republican candidates in Colorado are heading, Democrats could be bailed out of Biden’s cesspool while some Republicans are mired in their own sewer of stolen election conspiracy theories being enacted. by an equally unpopular former President Trump.

Admittedly, I voted twice for Donald Trump against the corrupt Hillary Clinton in 2016 and for wavering and incompetent Joe Biden in 2020. I strongly support Trump’s achievements such as the tax cut and deregulation agenda that spurred massive economic growth until Covid hit; his 234 federal judicial appointments, including three new justices to the Supreme Court of the United States; and his immigration policies that secured the border until Biden created the tragic mess that exists today.

Trump has been very successful in implementing traditional conservative Republican policies enacted by a Republican Congress in 2017-18 led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan.

But Trump’s pathological inability to accept defeat and his obsession with the “Big Lie” conspiracy theory that the 2020 presidential election was stolen puts Colorado’s Republican candidates at every level in jeopardy in 2022.

Colorado’s electorate is now 43% unaffiliated, 29% Democrat and 26% Republican after an influx of 800,000 people into the state over the past decade. Unaffiliated anti-Trump voters came out strong in 2020 when Trump got just 52% in the Republican strongholds of El Paso and Douglas counties, where he should have gotten it in the mid-1960s. lost the large suburban metropolitan counties of Arapahoe and Jefferson by 60-40 margins where a Republican must be competitive to win statewide. He lost Denver and Boulder counties by a staggering 80 to 20 percent when a Republican needs to hit at least 30 percent. No Republican can win statewide with those numbers.

Trump lost to Clinton in Colorado by four points in 2016 and he lost to Biden by fourteen points in 2020.

Unaffiliated voters might reject the Biden presidency and Democratic control of Congress and the state legislature, but if faced with Republican candidates who are Trump clones repeating stolen “Big Lie” election conspiracy theories “, they will be returned directly to the Democratic candidates.

Unaffiliated voters will seek real answers from Republican candidates on the real issues of inflation, crime and Covid shutdowns. They don’t want to hear about stolen election conspiracy theories that make Republican candidates look like unserious buffoons.

The Colorado Republican nominating process leading up to the June 28 primary is in full swing with competitive races for U.S. Senator, Secretary of State, Governor, the newly opened 7th Congressional District and the newly opened 8th Congressional District. created together with legislative and county races as well.

There are several strong Senate candidates who could become serious challengers for ‘accidental Senator’ Michael Bennet who secured a Senate seat in 2009 before winning two elections against Republicans who ripped defeat from the jaws of victory in 2010 and 2016. A recent poll showed Bennett essentially tied with a generic Republican opponent in 2022.

But if Colorado Republicans nominate state Rep. Ron Hanks of Canon City, Bennet will inevitably be heading for a third term.

Hanks is a committed acolyte of election conspiracy dogma stolen by Trump. He kicked off his candidacy with a video of him literally shooting an old Xerox copy machine emblazoned with a “Dominion” sign. Hanks argues that the Dominion voting systems, used by the vast majority of Colorado county clerks, are connected to the Chinese via the Internet, resulting in foreign manipulation of Colorado’s election results.

But nothing defines the Colorado Republican Party’s dramatic struggle more than the race for secretary of state.

Outgoing Democratic Secretary of State Jenna Griswold is nothing short of an utterly incompetent partisan hack for the job. Only dedicated career employees who served conscientiously under the former secretaries of both parties have held this essential function together. Griswold’s own appointments of key personnel saw a revolving door out of the office. Consumed by blind political ambition, just weeks after being sworn in as Secretary of State in 2019, she announced her candidacy for the US Senate which she later dropped when former Governor John Hickenlooper barred her from the race.

Pam Anderson, former Jefferson County Clerk, also served as executive director of the Colorado County Clerks Association. Deeply respected by county clerks across the state, Anderson is part of Colorado’s proud tradition of bipartisan secretaries of state who have overseen elections with nonpartisan skill and professionalism. But Anderson must first win a Republican primary.

Despite facing a criminal investigation by a grand jury for compromising election materials, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters has announced her candidacy for Secretary of State. Peters became something of a national hero of the stolen election conspiracy movement after touring the country with the ultimate conspiracy theorist, Mike Lindell. The all-Republican Mesa County Board of Commissioners removed Peters from any involvement in the 2021 election.

Both Hanks and Peters attended a recent meeting of election conspiracy group FEC United where a leader called for the “hanging” of Secretary of State Griswold. Neither Hanks nor Peters said a word when this threat was made.

If Hanks and Peters are nominated along with other “Big Lie” supporters in other races, the winners will not only be the Democratic candidates in those specific races, the responsible Republicans will also be tainted in other races. But the ultimate winner will be the Democratic left, which already completely controls the Colorado state government.

Perhaps the real “conspiracy” of the 2022 election in Colorado is that proponents of the “Big Lie” stolen election conspiracy like Hanks and Peters are the most powerful political allies on the Democratic left.

Dick Wadhams is a Republican former state president from Colorado who worked for the late great conservative U.S. Senator Bill Armstrong for nine years before successfully managing campaigns for U.S. Senator Hank Brown, U.S. Senator Wayne Allard, and Governor Bill Owens.

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