Congress divides Punjab on religious grounds: AAP

Congress divides Punjab on religious grounds: AAP

Chandigarh, May 15 (UNI) The Aam Aadmi party attacked Congress on Sunday following the resignation of former PPCC chairman Sunil Jakhar from the big old party. Speaking to the media with AAP Punjab Chief Spokesperson Malwinder Singh Kang at the party headquarters here on Sunday, MP (AAP) Dinesh Chadha said Jakhar’s departure revealed the party’s religion of the Congress and caste-based politics. He was forced to resign from Congress for opposing the Punjab mindset. Chadha accused the Congress of always playing caste and religion politics and dividing the people for their selfish goals. They have always tried to gain power through such polarization of voters. In Punjab too, the Congress played the caste-religion card to divide Punjab before the elections and did not make Sunil Jakhar the chief minister. Despite the support of MPs, he was not appointed CM just because he is Hindu. Sumil Jakhar had to bear the brunt of the same vile Congressional politics, he said. MP AAP said that after winning the elections in 2017, the Congress government did nothing for the development of Punjab for four and a half years. Like Badals, Congress leaders have supported corrupt and mafia businesses in Punjab and made a lot of money. When the public learned the truth about the Congress government, the big old party, in order to mislead the people, played the caste card and made a drama of changing the chief minister. He said that Punjab was the land of gurus and martyrs. The seeds of politics and hatred based on caste and religion will never grow on the soil of Punjab. The people have always taught a lesson, not just to Congress, but to all political parties with divisive policies based on religion. He called on the people of Punjab to be wary of the religious agendas of the Congress-BJP and other parties, so that the atmosphere of peace and brotherhood will always be maintained in Punjab. UNI DB RJ

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