Community ignores social distancing during protests against religious guru’s visit to Rajasthan | Jaipur News

UDAIPUR: Social distancing was dropped amid the Covid lockdown in the town of Sagwara in Dungarpur on Friday as people in the Bohra community protested their committee, alleging the latter was unfair in organizing ‘the act (preview) of their religious guru who had come to Galiyakot Dargah.
Also on Thursday, the police had to use light force to disperse the crowds in Bohrawadi. Despite the administration’s warnings, the men of the community gathered in large numbers and had heated arguments among themselves. Many people were seen without a mask.
SDM Rajeev Dwivedi said Bohra’s “dharm guru” Aaka Maula Saheb was in town and the religious committee was in charge of making arrangements for people to spot the religious leader. People complained that the arrangements were not appropriate and that the committee was partial.
Police dispersed the crowd on Thursday and fined Rs 10,000 for violating standards. However, by noon on Friday, authorities learned that large numbers of people had again gathered outside Jamaat Khana despite red alert lockdown orders.
The SDM, Dy SP Niranjan Charan, SHO Sagwara PS Ajay SIngh and police teams visited the settlement and held a mediation conference. Both sides have been warned not to violate the peace in the region and to adhere strictly to lockdown orders.
“Even though it was a community issue, but because it affected law and order, we issued warnings to both sides. The committee office was also sealed. We asked the population to inform us of their grievance in writing, which would be forwarded to the body concerned so that an amicable solution could be found ”, declared the SDM.

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