Cleveland Browns host first OTA session of the year

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June is here, and so has Cleveland Browns football!

Well, sort of.

While the start of the regular season is still a few months away, OTAs are underway for the summer.

These practices have been at the center of some unnecessary drama in recent years.

Although these practices are listed as “voluntary”, players are generally expected to attend, except in the event of contractual disputes or something of that nature.

That mindset changed a bit over the past year with COVID-19 in the background and activities being delayed or canceled altogether.

This summer will likely produce more controversy between players, teams and their fans.

Who goes for the Browns?

As the first day of media availability is not before Wednesday, we will have to wait another day for really find out who attends OTAs for Cleveland.

So far a star, defensive end Myles Garrett, was noted as present on Tuesday.

It seems to fit the mold of Garrett who has been a workaholic since day one in Northeast Ohio.

Baker Mayfield was reportedly absent from practice on Tuesday, but nothing is official about that.

For youngsters trying to make an impact in the league, showing up for OTAs is usually in their best interest.

It’s not the end of a career, but attending “voluntary” events will never be bad.

The main question is whether or not the stars of the team will show up.

Odell beckham Jr. has collected much of this conversation since joining the Browns.

In the summer of 2019, OBJ dropped out of OTAs after day one, which former coach Freddie Kitchens publicly opposed.

With last summer thrown in the league-wide trash, speculation about attendance will have to be answered during this week.

Does it matter?

Opinions about the importance of OTA will almost always differ depending on who you talk to.

Despite the Kitchens explosion in 2019, the majority of coaches don’t seem to weigh too heavily on the matter.

Maybe in private there is a passion for these sessions, but most coaches fail to make it known publicly.

The reasoning why players don’t fall in love with OTAs has been clarified.

Most players keep in great shape when away from the team and enjoy the extra time with friends and family.

Would the extra reps and time spent with teammates be beneficial?

Maybe, but the negative attitude towards OTAs can make that questionable.

The Packers, for example, have so far missed most of their offensive stars.

Considering the offseason drama they’ve endured, maybe it’s for the best.

As tradition has it, the overreaction to OTAs will come from a certain sect of social media.

It also goes both ways, as stars shouldn’t be showered with praise on others for showing up to these practices.

It doesn’t seem likely that Myles Garrett would parade around Baker Mayfield to be at OTA.

When the ball is kicked on the opening weekend, debates over who turned up in early June become irrelevant.

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