How to choose a string trimmer


I come from a long line of Germans who immigrated to the United States a while ago. Much like my ancestors, I find pleasure in crafting my own woodwork and engaging in many Do It Yourself projects around the house. I find it comforting and extremely useful to do things on your own. Even though they won’t end up perfectly, I consider these imperfections as the mere key to a project’s beauty and success.

One of the things that I am most passionate about my house is my yard, specifically my lawn. Every year I make sure I plant the lawn according to specifications and watch it grow in its own rhythm until reaching that rich, vibrant green color.

However, finding the right tools to trim and cut my lawn is quite difficult because there are many products you could consider.

String trimmers

If you want your lawn to be perfectly trimmed, you need to walk behind trimmers and make sure of that yourself. These are mainly used by professionals, so if you don’t intend on running for the “Best Lawn Of the Year” Award, I suggest opting for other tools.

String trimmers should also be carefully chosen according to your height and the overall surface of your lawn. Needless to say that, the bigger the lawn, the bigger your string trimmer should also be, at least when it comes to its engine size.

In order to use a string trimmer correctly, you will require plenty of practice and some basic knowledge about these tools. First of all, think of them similar to a circular saw. Just like it requires sawdust as it works, a string trimmer will also have to eliminate debris to achieve perfect trims on your lawn. You will find everything you need to know about cutting techniques and how to properly use a string trimmer here.

Electric Mowers

These are not as precise as a string trimmer but will get the job done if you’re thinking about cutting your lawn to an equal level. Electric mowers are quite easy to use and, so, extremely popular amongst gardeners and self-taught handymen.

If you’re a newbie, I suggest you first read how to properly use an electric mower and only after decide which type of product you need. They vary in size, engine power, speeds and, of course, price. Size and quietness are also some features you should take into consideration if you’re buying such a device.

I suggest you choose silent mowers that won’t wake up the entire neighborhood every Saturday morning when you have time to cut your lawn. As for size, if you don’t have a roomy garage or require more storage space, I suggest opting for mowers with foldable handlers because they are easier to deposit.


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