Chhattisgarh Congress Government in search of ‘date of birth’ of Lord Ram’s mother

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RAIPUR: The Congress-led government of Chhattisgarh is now aiming to shed light on the date of birth of Mata Kaushalya, mother of Lord Ram, and has requested the help of historians, experts in addition to religious gurus to trace and reach a consensus.

Chhattisgarh happens to be the birthplace of Kaushalya whose only temple in the country is at Chandkhuri, 30 km from Raipur. In October last year, the state government renovated the magnificent ‘Mata Kaushalya’ temple as part of the ambitious ‘Ram Van Gaman Tourism Circuit’ project.

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel reiterated his wish at a recent event hosted by Sarv Brahmin Samaj and urged experts, historians and religious seers to conduct thorough research to find the origin which should approximate the date of birth by Mata Kausalya. The CM is committed to extending state government support to accomplish the mission.

After a consensus emerges among experts and spiritual leaders, the Congress government will move forward to celebrate Mata Kaushalya’s anniversary as “Utsav” (festival). It is believed that Kaushalya was the princess of southern Kosala, the same region now called Chhattisgarh.

So far, there is no description regarding a specific day in reference to Mata Kaushalya’s birth found in religious scriptures or legends associated with Lord Ram’s narrative. The government believes that there may be quotations illuminating the occasion of Kaushalya’s birth in religious or mythological scriptures.

At the behest of the Bhupesh Baghel government, the initiative was launched earlier by Raipur-based Dudhadhari Math who announced a cash prize of Rs 11 lakh in 2019 for the most accurate find confirming date of birth. The Math had then invited corroborating details but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the plan could not go further.

“Lord Ram’s maternal home, Chandakhuri, will become as reverent and imposing as any place in mythological tales. Chhattisgarh has a glorious past associated with the Ramayana. We envisioned Ram-Rajya, where there is equality, compassion and fraternity,” the CM said.

The opposition BJP called the move an attempt to erase from people’s minds the party’s previous stance which questioned the existence of Lord Ram.

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