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Bodek culture vs. the dignity of public service

Who do we blame for the bloated and deteriorating government bureaucracy in Malaysia? What explains our “bodek” culture? Is there any hope that we can fix things? Our government bureaucracy is a vast presence that touches all Malaysians in almost every aspect of our life, except perhaps in the bedroom. …

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A side view of the political saga in 1996-1999

Given the rich tradition of political leadership at the national and state level, it is ironic that political leadership, as a subject, has remained under-studied in India’s politics and economics, so that the study of parties, the party system and elections receives a lot of attention. Much of this can …

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3-year-old boy in critical condition after shooting Bowie

The week Liz Cheney’s main challenger describes impregnating 14-year-old to 18-year-old girl as ‘like the story of Romeo and Juliet’ In what he called a “Romeo and Juliet Story,” United States House candidate and Wyoming State Senator Anthony Bouchard revealed Thursday night that he had “had a relationship and impregnated …

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