Religious Gurus

New book explores “sectarian” language

August 7, 2021 “DTHE RINK Kool-Aid, ”which means unquestionably adhering to a belief or system, is often used jokingly by people unaware of its terrible origin in Peoples Temple, a 20th century religious community. (Jim Jones supporters in Guyana actually committed suicide by putting cyanide in Flavor Aid, a different …

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Gemini must control anger; Know the other signs

Aries – The day should be spent patiently. Teachers who plan to update their knowledge can enroll in any course starting today. Times are changing for those who work in software companies, you can change jobs by receiving a good offer. Iron traders are likely to get profits. You have …

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Where do the Cubs go from here?

Last week’s exchanges on Antoine Rizzo, Javier Baez, and Kris bryant were painful for Cubs fans. Rizzo had been a Cub for 9.5 years. Baez was drafted by the Cubs and his tenure spanned a decade. Bryant was with the team for eight years after being drafted. Friday afternoon, all …

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