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I keep thinking that i will end up getting sick from the zombie movies, but that never happens. Don’t get me wrong: I’m fully aware that most of them are terrible, but even the worst zombie movie usually has a moment or two to watch. Truly memorable zombie movies really …

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You Must Watch The Creepiest Cult Thriller On Netflix ASAP

Folk horror is a rich genre, but its well-established characteristics sometimes make it difficult for individual films to stand out from the pagan group at times. Of Middle and The witch at The village and even Hot Fuzz, if something sinister is going on in an isolated community, you’ve probably …

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Nobel Prize-winning economist calls Bitcoin ‘cult’

Photo by Paul Krugman. Credit: Ed Ritger, The Commonwealth Club. The hysteria surrounding Bitcoin and the crypto market as a whole is at an all time high. You know something must happen when your uncle with a gambling problem posts phrases like “bull market”, “HODL” and “on social media”.When Lambo? …

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