The GOP is now a cult of Trump.

In 1965, Gaylord Parkinson, the chairman of the California GOP, released what Republicans now call their 11e Commandment: “You won’t say bad things about any Republican. Parkinson invoked the rule to protect Ronald Reagan – at the time, the leading Republican candidate for governor – who had been falsely accused …

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Why do people adhere to cults?

By Barbara Gurgel I have bad news for you. If you are a happy, well-adjusted person with a loving family and a degree, then congratulations! You are exactly the kind of person who can be recruited into a cult. The term “cult” conjures up images of people standing in a …

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The Audi A6 Allroad lives up to the cult that follows

Most of the passionate cars with a major audience are focused, hardcore machines. Sports cars with large fenders and hairy, or light, minimalist drivetrains with hardly a concession to comfort. Cars built to excel in a narrow field. We love them because they sacrifice all nonessential traits in the pursuit …

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