Billionaire businessman, Olu Okeowo’s birthday allowance

Sir Olu Okeowo, President of Gibraltar Property, has been doing the best he can for some time.

In all respects, its success proves that it is a major player in the real estate and real estate sector. It is known for a number of imposing properties scattered around the world; therefore, anyone who enjoys venturing into the real estate industry will do well if they contact them for some business basics.

Recently, he opened his door to his family and friends to celebrate with him on his birthday.
But beyond the celebration, Okeowo also used the day to preach unity in the country while urging the government to recruit unemployed youth into security teams to help defend our country’s sovereignty.

“We are a united and indivisible entity; after all, we run a democratic republic. The desperate situation we find ourselves in arose out of decades of bad governance. It has nothing to do with religious bigotry as being deceived by false pastors, ”he said.

“Christians and Muslims are one, and this country must not descend to the mighty name of Jesus. The Southwest has indeed produced great compatriots, from formidable politicians to board gurus.

“Internationally, our professionals are in demand. Sadly, little mortals roam the streets with prophecies of sorrow and doom hovering over their heads. Let’s make our governance skills work instead of beating the drums of war. “

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