BenFred: Alonso’s conspiracy theory proves one thing: the gap between players and MLB owners is not improving | Ben frederickson

I wish Alonso had picked a better talking point, like calling the owners for manipulating younger players’ duty time, or calling for a faster route to free agency. The facts support both of these views. Finding a better way to ensure that young players who are relied on a lot more of the baseball revenue pie is the kind of topic that should get a lot of attention. Instead, it’s ignored for that kind of noise.

At some point, the noise becomes the news.

Alonso’s willingness to shoot from the hip, regardless of the damage done by his megaphone comments, paints a troubling picture of the situation between the two sides of baseball as they approach a crossroads.

Players and owners continue to show little understanding of the damage that could be done to their sport if they lose a single day of the 2022 season to billionaires and millionaires arguing at the expense of fans. Other sports, some of which have left baseball in the dust, are gearing up for the 2022 seasons during the post-pandemic sports boom. Baseball cannot afford to slow down or hit.

That Alonso’s claim of a league intentionally trying to sabotage its stars has been so casually and recklessly deployed is a testament to the growing us-against-them sentiment that has grown as the current collective agreement draws near. from its end on December 1. Alonso isn’t the only player who believes the league is actively working against players. Sour feelings flow both ways. (Just wait until the owners start accusing players of maximizing injury roster time in 2021 due to their aversion to the 60-game season imposed by Manfred in 2020.)

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