Harold Hartman

Why some Orthodox Jewish women won’t get vaccinated

New York City will spend up to $ 60 million, according to an estimate from health officials, on a vaccination program aimed at tackling hesitation and access issues. But in many Orthodox neighborhoods, the messages of respected rabbis resonate more. In Israel, where restrictions on coronaviruses have ended now that …

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Hispanic Americans are also curious about QAnon

IF YOU ARE VISITING Segadores de Vida, a Hispanic mega-church on the outskirts of Miami, you’ll likely get more than your average church service. His Dominican-born pastor, Ruddy Gracia, taught conspiracy theories alongside the Bible. Pastors who did not resist containment orders are “in line to take the mark of …

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Passionate mother of transgender people in India

Prema Chowallur was destined to become a teacher like her Catholic parents. She ended up becoming a social worker and champion for the rights of transgender people, one of the most marginalized groups in India. Originally from the state of Kerala in southern India, she developed a strong vocation to …

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