Arizona election database has not been deleted and Biden is not a hologram

Tech company Cyber ​​Ninjas was commissioned last month to conduct an audit of election results in Maricopa County, Arizona, on the orders of Republican senators in the state.

On May 15, former President Donald Trump intervened.

“The entire Maricopa County Arizona database has been DELETED!” Trump wrote in a statement.

It’s wrong, according to There is no evidence that any databases have been illegally deleted.

Three days before Trump’s statement, a message on the audit’s Twitter account said the county “had deleted a directory full of electoral databases from the 2020 election cycle days before election materials were delivered to the government. ‘audit”.

The Maricopa County Elections Department disputed this claim in a memo, stating that “the original database record on the ‘EMSPrimary’ server was not deleted or altered during packing and shipping. delivery.”

The Maricopa County Oversight Board, in an email to the president of the state Senate, said auditors simply did not know where to find the information.

The Twitter message “is patently bogus; the only thing it demonstrates is the incompetence of your listeners,” the email read.

The chickens did not eat ballots

Maricopa County recorder Stephen Richer recently exposed the “deranged” lies since the Arizona Republicans-led audit began.

“By far the craziest conspiracy theory is that one of the members of the supervisory board who owns a very large chicken farm took the 2020 election ballots, fed them 165,000 chickens and then them. cremated, “he said in an interview on CNN on Tuesday.

What really happened was a March 6 fire at the family business of Maricopa County District 4 Supervisor Clint Hickman, which destroyed two barns and killed 166,000 chickens, according to

An article on the Gateway Pundit website said: “After finding shredded ballots in the dumpster earlier today – A mysterious fire breaks out at the Maricopa County official’s farm.”

But Fire District officials told Snopes an investigation revealed no signs of wrongdoing or the destruction of ballots.

The Biden clip is not a hologram

A video clip of President Joe Biden in March, just before boarding a helicopter … on the White House lawn, has been the subject of a false claim that an interview with reporters was fake and filmed in front of a green screen.

Now, this clip is part of an eight-hour video filled with false claims about Biden. The green screen claim and the eight hour video were demystified by PolitiFact.

Just two hours into the video, in footage of Biden speaking to reporters, the top of his head appears to disappear as his white hair blends into white clouds in the background.

“It’s not Joe Biden making an appearance,” says the host of the video. “What you are actually seeing here is a holographic image of Joe Biden transmitted from behind the scenes.”

Other videos and footage from the event show Biden in attendance.

Voice of America reporter Steve Herman, who was at the press conference, said on Twitter in response to the rumors: “I was holding the lighter colored blurry microphone and therefore literally in front of @POTUS on the lawn south, ”he mentioned. “Everything is real.”

Human skulls in the shape of a cone

A recent Facebook post, shared more than 500 times, claims that a collection of 3,000-year-old elongated skulls discovered almost 100 years ago were from aliens, not humans.

The May 1 post includes a video of the oddly shaped skulls and the comment “Check 100% alien eye sockets.”

USA Today contacted the Facebook user who shared the first clip, who said, “The video was made by a local boy and looks 100% real.”

But this claim is actually 100% false.

In 1928, archaeologist Julio Tello discovered hundreds of funnel-shaped skulls in Peru.

“The eye sockets are normal and lie perfectly within the range of human variations and resemble the eye sockets of other human skulls in Peru,” University of Wyoming anthropology professor Melissa S. Murphy told USA Today.

The conical shape of the skulls is the result of a deliberate process called cranial deformation, which changes the growth and development of the head in infants, according to USA Today. The head is tied with cloth or bands to reshape the skull.

The people of Peru’s southern coast “have been engaged in this practice for thousands of years,” Murphy said. “Deliberate head shaping is a form of cultural modification of the body that marks different things, such as a person’s identity, a rite of passage, (or) an occupation.”

• Bob Oswald is a seasoned Chicago-area reporter and former editor of the Elgin Courier-News newspaper. Contact him at [email protected]

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