Archive 81: List of the scariest characters

Archive 81: Scariest Characters Listed: There are spooky and spooky characters in the new Netflix 81 collection, a few of which are-


It certainly is, Samuel is the most brutal and terrifying character in Archive 81. X-Men: Days of the Future Past actor Evan Jonigkit, Samuel, 1994 Sect Fear Leader. Earlier in the season, Samuel played a role.

The kind, caring and loving tenant lives in the apartment above the balcony. As the melody begins to reveal the history of witchcraft and the branch, Samuel becomes a treacherous and troubled man.

Samuel hid his personality and his terror. He persuades Melody to come to the Visor, citing a letter from Melody’s mother, Father Russo abuses Melody and physically abuses Jess like a shipwreck. and opens the door to another world. Samuel covered up the evil and made the audience squirm.

John Smith

Archive 81 John Smith

The first person to meet Melody was the sculptor John Smith. Eden Marisho, who played Jessica Jones’ Shane Ribeck in season 2, episodes 8-12, played a surprise role for Smith. He is a tall man who shows strength. However, his big title wasn’t the only surprise for him.

John Smith is a name that is often used as a fake name to hide his true identity. It’s probably not true in his name but in his personality. At the end of their first conversation, he said to Melody, “Don’t sit on the sixth floor.

It’s a painful thing. Additionally, Smith witnesses Melody’s abduction, a secret part of The Circle and the series. The ambiguity of the character is often very disturbing.


Archives 81 Annabelle

Although Annabelle is Melody’s best friend, Julia Chan is amazing. She enters the series at the end of the second episode “Wellspring” and helps find her mother with Melody. Annabelle is a budding artist with a passionate and caring spirit.

Unfortunately, after a few episodes, everything changed when Cassandra handed him the cast painting of her ex-boyfriend, Eleanor. In the fifth episode, “through the glass of appearance”, Annabelle is transformed into an unstable, violent and mental woman.

Who loses his rage for mushrooms until Maddie Stanton’s jaw is thrust. and stabbed the officer. A consumer of hallucinogenic mushrooms in the eye, Annabelle is a volatile and predatory person.

Iris Vos

Archives 81 Iris Vos
The movie addict

It didn’t take more than one episode to make this list. Georgina Hague, who played Once Upon a Time in TNT’s Snow Terror and Queen Elsa in season four of Emilia, was played by none other than Iris Voss. Iris was introduced at the end of the season as Dan and Melody learned more about Visor.

In the seventh episode, “Ferrymen,” viewers finally see Iris and see what happened in 1924 when Creed first attempted to call Calgo. As the leader of the Vos Society cult, Iris had no interest in reaching the other world. And would kill anyone in her own way, including her maid Rose.

Slowly but surely in this episode, Iris becomes very confused and confused and her look is shocking and uncomfortable for viewers because Iris can commit an incredibly violent act in an instant.

Virgil Davenport

Archive 81 Virgil Davenport

One of the first characters introduced in the series was Virgil Davenport. Davenport, played by Tenet and Weeds actor Martin Donovan, has since been bad. He contacted Dawn Services for the first episode of “Mysterious Events” and hired them to restore video from a damaged tape collection.

Dan learns that Davenport is the CEO of LMG, a company whose technology is little known. Like Dan, the audience couldn’t believe everything Davenport said. His ambiguous personality brings tears to his eyes but he is really scared when he learns that he is Samuel’s brother.

Cassandra Wall

Archive 81 focuses on Melody as the series’ female lead, while Cassandra Wall ranks No. 1 as the best female character. In the interiors of an independent film starring Kristin Griffith, the wall is always impressive.

In the third episode, “Terror in the Isles”, Wall wears a Canesta flyer, ignores the melody question, and chokes Annabelle in the throat. Even if you’ve never met Annabelle, it’s scary to see the smell coming off someone’s neck without permission.

Wall’s endless compulsive smile and change in personality left Melody and the rest of the audience feeling uneasy. This causes people to cling to the costume, especially if she inadvertently tries to trick Jess into attending the party.


Archives 81 Kaelego
decision maker

Unlike all the other characters in the series, Kaelego belongs to another world. Archive 81, an ancient demonic entity, surprised everyone who saw it. Kaelego appeared on screen at the end of the fourth episode of “Receive Spirit”.

It just reflects the “light” of James Vaughan’s trademark villain. As the series progresses, Kaelego feeds the press on a digital screen when Dan arrives to find out the truth.

Each time Kaelego appears to Dawn, he gets closer to touching Dawn and entering the current world. Between the roar of the radio, Dan’s unexpected anger, and the end-of-season show, Kaelego shuts the screen to the public overnight.

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