Amy Carlson, Love Had Won “Cult” Leader, Dies From Alcohol, Anorexia, Colloidal Silver, Autopsy Says

Amy Carlson, the leader of a New Age cult known as Love Has Won, has died of decline from alcohol abuse, anorexia and colloidal silver dosing, according to an autopsy report from the El Paso County Coroner’s Office in Colorado.

Mystery initially shrouded Carlson’s death after his mummified body was discovered in April in a green sleeping bag with his eyes missing in a house in Crestone, Colorado, arrest affidavits revealed at the time. Police raided the house after being alerted by a member of the group who said Carlson’s body was taken to a mobile home that served as the headquarters for the group across the country.

Several members of Love Has Won, who called Carlson “Mother God,” were arrested after her body, which had been decomposing for about a month, was found. In interviews with law enforcement, the group claimed Carlson was not dead, but was simply “out of communication.”

But, in a report obtained by The guru’s magazine, Dr Emily Russell ruled that Carlson “died as a result of a worldwide decline in alcohol abuse, anorexia and chronic ingestion of colloidal silver.”

Corporal Steve Hanson of the Saguache County Sheriff’s Office previously said investigators found human remains with “what appears to be glitter-type makeup around the eyes.”

During an external examination, Russell also made a remark about the body’s missing eyes which she said were “not appreciated due to decay” but showed no signs of trauma.

At just 75 pounds, Carlson had a tie-dye fleece shawl draped around his bony shoulders and a faux fur scarf and bandana cradling the blue-gray skin around his neck, Russell wrote.

The 45-year-old wore two pairs of socks and a gold headband encrusted with blue and green stones, several chains and a pendant necklace, according to the report. A red scrunchie swept her reddish-brown hair and she wore gray cotton pants with a “diaper containing red purge fluid,” the report said.

County Coroner Tom Perrin told the Daily Beast in May that there was no indication that his death was caused by a criminal act. In July, he told the Denver Post that the autopsy results had been delayed due to difficulties in finding a lab that could test Carlson’s body for metals.

His body was found accompanied by “eight small brown bottles with colorfully labeled drug droppers,” which have been kept as evidence and detailed contents of various metals, including colloidal titanium, gold, l ‘money, among others. Love Has Won, which was once described by former followers and law enforcement as a “cult,” had also peddled colloidal metals to treat compulsive behavior.

Carolina Noble, a forensic toxicologist in a Pennsylvania lab, said after performing a test on Carlson’s liver tissue on Nov. 16 that silver was present in her body. She had 470 mcg / g, more than six times the average daily intake (70 mcg) from the environment and diet of an American adult, according to the report.

A toxicology report further revealed the presence of ethanol and acetaminophen and its fluids tested positive for chemicals found in cannabis and tobacco, as well as for opiates, including hydrocodone and hydromorphone.

Andrew Profaci, a former member who left the group five years ago, previously told the Daily Beast that she “drank ten shots of vodka a night,” losing her cognitive abilities to the point that she “would fall and walk in. the walls”.

In September 2020, Carlson told the Dr Phil show that she had advanced cancer. After examining her organs, the coroner said one of Carlson’s thyroid glands contained a nodule “containing a light brown gelatinous fluid”, which she said was “roughly compatible with a colloid”, but did not find “No evidence” of metastatic cancer.

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