All Plathville Cult Welcome Rumors Explained

Many Welcome to Plathville fans wonder if there’s any truth to the cult rumors about the Plath family. These rumors are not new.

fans of Welcome to Plathville have often thought that members of the Plath family could be part of a cult, but how true is this line of thinking? Kim and Barry Plath often come across as extremely devout, and their devotion to religion has left a bad taste in the mouths of their older children. Now fans are trying to shed some light on some of the cult rumors.

There’s no doubt that Kim and Barry, who may one day divorce, raised their kids with some weird rules. Welcome to Plathville viewers were surprised to learn that Kim and Barry grew up under very normal circumstances. Both went to concerts, ate junk food, and even went to college. However, when it came to raising their children, they decided not to allow them access to sugar, television or strangers. These decisions led many fans to wonder if the Plaths secretly belonged to some sort of religious cult.


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Viewers were immediately concerned when they first met the Plaths and saw how they lived a very isolated lifestyle far from the temptations of the modern world. During the first episode, fans were introduced to the blonde kids who never seemed to question Kim and Barry’s weird lifestyle. Fans took to social media to wonder if the Plath parents were trying to lure them into a cult. There’s no doubt that the bizarre family rules needed improvement, but it seemed like Kim and Barry were taking the Bible literally. The Plaths often claimed that they adhered to religious scriptures, which told them to abstain from drinking, smoking, and eating sweets.

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Over the seasons, viewers have wondered if family dynamics are really the result of religious beliefs, as control has been noted as a big factor in how Kim runs her family. Although she is not a cult leader, her manipulative tendencies have raised some warning signs with Welcome to Plathville the viewers. Even though Kim and Barry were living semi-normal lives, they felt like they had major abandonment issues, which they projected onto their own children. A major example of this was when Kim and Barry got mad at Ethan for forming his own ideas after moving out and getting married. Some fans felt the argument reminded them of those who live in the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) community and blindly follow their leader.

Although the Plath may not be part of a sect, they are Christian fundamentalists who practice Southern Baptist religious traditions. According to these doctrines, members read the Bible literally. There is no doubt that the Welcome to Plathville stars Kim and Barry use religion to control their children. They have also been linked to No Greater Joy Ministries, which promotes controversial parenting techniques.

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