AirBuddy unleashes the full potential of your AirPods on Mac

Overall, the AirPods experience is great, but let’s be honest. The way Apple headphones work with a Mac is a pale imitation of the seamless functionality you get when using them with iPhones and iPads.

Fortunately, an innovative Mac app called AirBuddy fixes this problem. And now you can save 20% on AirBuddy with the code CYBER20.

Make AirPods Work with Mac

Just install AirBuddy on your Mac and get ready for your AirPods to work the same as with iOS devices.

“With AirBuddy, you can just open your AirPods case next to your Mac and see the current status right away, just like it works on your iPhone,” says AirBuddy developer Buddy Software. “A single click connects you, a swipe down lets you connect and change [listening modes]…. Fully customizable battery alerts help you track your device’s batteries.

AirBuddy lets you easily change things like output volume and microphone input, without delving into your system preferences. The affordable Mac app even gives you a breakdown of all nearby devices and provides details on battery usage, among other nifty tips.

A highly recommended Mac app for AirPods owners

“If you have AirPods and a Mac, then you need AirBuddy”, Mac Cult wrote recommending the app. “Once set up, it works invisibly and makes using AirPods with your Mac as easy as using them with your iPhone or iPad.”

A MacStories the reviewer also sang the praises of the app.

“AirBuddy is one of those handy Mac utilities that you don’t know how you’ve experienced until you’ve tried it,” they wrote.

Save on the AirBuddy app for Mac

AirBuddy lets you enjoy all the comfort, convenience, portability, and great sound of AirPods on your Mac. Take advantage of this -20% offer with the code CYBER20 and take your Mac audio gaming to the next level.

Prices subject to change.

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