After Ganga, Yamuna and Saryu will become pollution-free

The Saryu and the Yamuna are all on the verge of becoming pollution-free as the drains that flow into these rivers have been tapped.

Drains falling into Yamuna and Saryu have been exploited

After Namami’s success Ganges in Kanpur and Varanasi, the Saryu to Ayodhya, and the Yamuna in Vrindavan are the next online projects that the government has undertaken.

The Yamuna and the Saryu are all on the verge of becoming pollution-free as the drains that flow into these rivers have been exploited.

Now that the drains that fall into these rivers are patted and the water from the pipes connected to the Wastewater treatment plant (STP) is being processed and purified. 37 drains of these great cities were prevented from falling into the river.

New STP have been installed on the banks of the rivers. During the past year, a total of 72 drains has been exploited.

Officials say the water quality of major rivers, including the Ganges, has improved significantly due to the work carried out under the ambitious Namami Gange program.

All the drains falling into the sacred Saryu river in the religious and historic city of Ayodhya are exploited and the contaminated water is transported to the Wastewater plant. This has improved the water quality of the sacred Saryu River in Ayodhya. Here a big tapping job 5 oil changes by the I&D method was done at a cost of Rs. 37.67 crores. Along with this, the construction works of 12 MLD STP were also completed.

A new STP with a capacity of 50 million liters per day (MLD) was prepared at Ramna in Varanasi at a cost of Rs.161.31 crore and three drains falling into the Ganges were tapped.

Principal Secretary, Namami Gange, and Rural Water Supply, Anurag Srivastava said: “There is a campaign being waged on a war footing to keep the rivers clean, especially in the big cities where the Ganges, Yamuna or Saryu flow.”

The shape of the Ganga river has changed in the city of Kanpur. Here at Bithoor 7 drains were exploited by the I&D method at a cost of Rs.13.40 crores. Wastewater is treated and purified in the wastewater treatment plant. Pollution of the Ganga River is now on the way to ending. As part of the Namami Gange program, work was also carried out on the sanitation network at a sustained pace. The laying of 106.67 km of sewer pipes was completed with a sanitation plan of Rs. 430.49 crores. At the same time, 10,350 sewer connections were made and the 182 km sand removal works in the Ganga river were completed.

[With Inputs from IANS]

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