“A Huge Conspiracy Theory”; A federal judge orders the lawyers who pushed the electoral fraud lie to pay penalties to Pa. And the other defendants.

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(Denver) – A federal judge determines the cost of penalties for two attorneys whose trial contained unsubstantiated allegations of widespread fraud in the 2020 election.

Attorney General Josh Shapiro filed the petition in May to recover legal fees from Gary Fielder and Ernest Walker.

Shapiro says the two lawyers attacked the way the Pennsylvania election was conducted and tried to undermine confidence in the results.

“While any reasonable lawyer would have known from the outset that this whole case was unjustifiable, the plaintiffs’ attorneys were specifically made aware of the fallacy of their case shortly after filing it,” Shapiro wrote in the filing brief. .

In the Colorado class action lawsuit, U.S. trial judge N. Reid Neureiter found that the lawyers had acted in bad faith and attempted to mislead the court with unfounded fraud allegations.

The class action lawsuit demanded $ 1,000 for each of the 160 million voters.

Last month, Neureiter granted sanction motions filed by Pennsylvania and other defendants, and said the attorneys’ work on the case amounted to “a huge conspiracy theory.”

Lawyers could not be reached for comment. But during the debates last month, Fielder said he and his co-council did not trust the government officials who certified the election.

But Neureiter said lawyers repeated allegations of other failed prosecutions and cited a “dismal lack of investigation” into the allegations.

“Counsel for the plaintiffs in this case did little to ensure that they were not part of a huge malignant feedback loop,” Neureiter wrote in the order.

A spokesperson for Shapiro said they expect the decision on the dollar figure for the sanctions to be made later this month.

“The judge’s order to impose penalties is a positive step towards holding these lawyers accountable for their bad faith efforts, and puts the other lawyers on notice,” Shapiro said. “Abusing our courts to promote the big lie will have consequences.”

In a separate case, a Michigan federal judge made a similar ruling, saying election officials were entitled to reimbursement of legal fees in cases they were defending against lawyers for former President Donald Trump.

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