A cult-favorite actioner has everyone craving baggy jeans and Nu-Metal

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The turn of the millennium was a strange time for action cinema. The influence of The matrix was everywhere to be found, whether we were talking about kung fu, gun fu, bullet time or whole set casts pressed into the toughest leathers as the superhero genre was about to explode into popularity. To offer the public the best of both worlds, Blade II arrived at exactly the right time.

Wesley Snipes’ first outing as a Daywalker predated both The matrix and Bryan Singer x-men, but he was a spiritual companion in more ways than one. Raising the bar, Guillermo del Toro has replaced original director Stephen Norrington to deliver a sequel that’s arguably superior to its groundbreaking predecessor, but equally beloved even if you disagree.

Blade II
via New Line Cinema

In fact, a Reddit thread celebrating the almost painful early 2000s nature of the top-down film has fans remembering the time capsule that is Blade IIand it’s hard to argue that the vampire-slaying blockbuster contains just about every element you’d find in nearly all of Hollywood’s explosive output at the time.

People wearing sunglasses inside? Check. Inconsistent CGI that was horribly dated in months? Oh yes. Baggy jeans? Make your choice. Frosty tips? Unfortunately yes. A soundtrack capable of making one cringe when viewed through a modern lens? Given the presence of nu-metal, techno, rap and trance on the same album, we are unfortunately inclined to agree.

Make no mistake, however, Blade II still fucking rules, it just reminds us of a weird period in our cultural history that we’re glad we existed before social media.

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