6 Brilliant Cult Movies From The 2000s Everyone Should Watch

There are movies that are made to be super hits and others that achieve “super hit” status on their own. There are many films in Bollywood history that inexplicably became popular at a later date and gained a loyal following.

These cult classic films have a loyal and ardent fanbase who love the film, even if the vast majority don’t think much of it. Here are some of those top cult classics that every Bollywood lover must watch.

1. Dev.D

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This dark romantic comedy is a Devdas take on it and the film really turns the tale into a modern drama. With popular Bollywood actors, unforgettable quotes and great music, the film became an overnight cult classic. It showed some themes that many Bollywood movies have stayed away from. The music has also found a loyal following over the years.

2. Delhi Belly

belly of delhi
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This action drama has found a fiery following among the nation’s youth. The gritty story strayed from the romance and melodrama of the usual Bollywood blockbuster films and instead introduced dark humor. This movie took what mainstream Bollywood had considered “vulgar” up to that point and crafted a funny, dirty, and compelling plot out of it. Too, having Imran Khan playing the lead role really helped bring that fan base together.

3. Manorama: six feet under

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This movie was a major box office flop when it was released, but the following it has since gained speaks volumes about its content. Many who know the movie will say it was a mystery thriller ahead of its time, which is why it couldn’t garner the love it deserved. This slow burner is a gripping thriller with an understated storyline and excellent acting.

4. Rehnaa Hai Land Dil Mein

dia mirza
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Rehnaa Hai Land Dil Mein, upon its release, did not sparkle at the box office. It was considered a flop, despite the gorgeous head pair and good romance. However, as you probably know by now, the the film has garnered immense love over time and is considered one of the best romance movies. Tamil film remake, minnalthe hit features great songs, lovable characters, a pretty solid story, and a young Madhavan to swoon.

5. Oye lucky! Lucky Hey!

abhay deol
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This quirky comedy is one of Dibakar Banerjee’s best works, and Abhay Deol plays a wonderful role. Although it got a fairly lukewarm reaction at the box office, youngsters latched onto the funny, witty script and interesting characters. Over the years, people have fallen in love with the mischievous thief who stole everyone’s hearts with his sarcasm and new outlook on life.

6. Lakshya

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This 2004 war drama distinguished between being overly dramatic and underwhelming, and in the process, gave audiences a very real story that resonated with millions. The movie didn’t do well in theaters at all initially, but over the years people have come to agree that it’s one of the best performances by Hrithik Roshan and therefore an essential watch in itself. Lakshya starred on TV again and again, despite the disappointing reaction and many believe watching the film on TV gave it a nostalgic fan.

Which of these movies have you ever watched? Which will you add to your list? Tell us in the comments below!

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