20 years later, fans are finally enjoying a cult blockbuster from Bonkers

by Buena Vista

If someone waltzes into a studio office in 2022 and launches a $60 million fantasy blockbuster starring Christian Bale, Matthew McConaughey and Gerard Butler in the lead roles, you can pretty much guarantee they’ll walk away with a green light. Sadly, however, the public didn’t care so much when the demented reign of fire released in theaters 20 years ago.

Next week marks exactly two decades since the release of the apocalyptic Humans vs. Dragons actor, when it could only gross a disappointing $82 million at the box office. The reviews from critics and audiences weren’t particularly encouraging either, but reign of fire has long since cemented its reputation as a shameless camp cult classic.

Whether it’s the ridiculous premise, the earnest take on everything plus McConaughey’s deranged landscape-chewing performance, or the surprisingly solid CGI that just about holds up when viewed today, moviegoers on Reddit re-evaluated reign of fire for the gloriously overdone slice of cheese that it is.

reign of fire
by Beuna Vista

There were once plans for a sequel, but all franchise ideas were shelved once disappointing ticket sales were revealed. It’s the kind of broad and expansive premise that’s ripe for a reboot, and if upcoming plans for a Dungeons & Dragons the multimedia universe in film and television is going off without a hitch, so there’s no reason anyone shouldn’t at least float the idea of ​​rebooting, reinventing, or dusting off reign of fire for a modern update.

Of course, people could always just rewatch the original and enjoy the film for what it is, but that would leave money on the table, which the industry isn’t too fond of doing.

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