10 manga like “The beginning after the end”

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The beginning after the end is a manga that tells the story of the powerful and wealthy King Grey, who suffers a mysterious death and is reborn in a magical world and takes on the body of Arthur Leywin, a child who wields magic. Armed with the knowledge of his previous life as a wise king, as well as advice from his adventurous parents, Arthur begins a journey into this new world of magical and mythical creatures.

If you have read the popular TBATEand are looking for similar manga stories that fall under the isekai genre, here is a list of 10 manga with fantastic, mythical and unique characters, creatures and worlds.

tower of god

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This South Korean comic follows the life of Twenty-Fifth Bam, a young boy who has lived his whole life trapped in darkness under a massive tower. He meets and befriends Rachel, a girl who had mysteriously found her way into the tower. She then tells him the story of a god at the top of the tower who can grant the wishes of whoever reaches the top. As she leaves, Bam swears to be with her no matter what and begins a fierce and deadly competition to reach the top of the tower.

Solo Leveling

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In a world filled with terrifying monsters and hunters who exist to conquer them, an E-rank hunter named Sung Jinwoo tries everything to achieve a higher rank. After a gruesome team raid gone wrong, Jinwoo wakes up in the hospital as a very powerful S-rank Hunter. He must then continue conquering monsters and dungeons while aiming to level up to become the most powerful S-rank hunter in the world.

The Archmage returns after 4000 years

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4000 years ago, Lucas Trowman was the greatest archmage in existence, but he was condemned to lose his mind for eternity by a demigod. In the present day, he wakes up at Westroad Academy for mages, but in the body of his weakest student, Frei Blake. Lucas notices that the world of magic hasn’t changed much since he’s been alive and so decides to regain the highest levels of his power and embarks on a mission to find out why he was freed from exile.

The omniscient reader’s point of view

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Kim Dokja is the only reader of the novel “Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World” and continues to read until the end of the novel. Eventually, the world of the novel merges with the real world, and Dokja is the only one who knows how to survive in this new world. In an attempt to end the fictional story quickly, Dokja joins the novel’s story protagonist and his party. The team faces increasingly deadly situations to defeat the entity that wants to end the world.

Celestial Demon Chronicles

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Hyuk Woon Sung and his master, the strongest spearman in the world, are accused of possessing and studying a book on the demonic arts. Both are put to death by the leaders of the Orthodox sects for the gravity of their crime. Woon Sung dies in the presence of his master’s divine treasure, a spear with unknown powers, and is reborn as a disciple of the Celestial Demon Cult. Woon Sung then swears to find the person behind the frame and get revenge and his master.

mad with gluttony

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Fate Barbatos is a castle guardian who acquired a strange skill at birth that made him constantly hungry. He soon discovers that this gluttony skill has the power to feed on the soul and powers of whoever he kills, thus momentarily satisfying his long and mysterious need. However, the major problem for Fate is that his gluttony continues, which means he continues to hunger for the souls and powers of others. When he was in a state of starvation, he would go mad and feed on everyone around him.

kill the hero

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In a world filled with dungeons and monsters, and players defeating these creatures, Kim Woojin is a member of a guild dedicated to keeping the peace. However, things get worse after he is betrayed and killed by his guildmates, led by his closest friend. When transported to the past, he embarks on a revenge mission to kill the supposed hero who actually seeks to rule the world as Emperor.

Lout of the Count’s family

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Ordinary high school student Kim Rok Soo wakes up to find he’s been transported into a novel he’s been reading – not as the main character, but as the family’s “trash” firstborn. of the count whose death is near. He decides to take advantage of his new identity as Cale Henituse and use his knowledge of history to not die. He also begins a journey to earn lots of money and live a simple life away from the coming war.

A revenant’s magic should be special

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The Shadow Labyrinth is the most catastrophic existence humanity has ever known as it wiped out humanity, leaving only six survivors. Desir Arman is one of the six remaining humans, but as he and the others attempt to conquer the final level of the dungeon, they fail and are killed. Désir wakes up and finds himself 13 years in the past. He takes this opportunity to find all his old friends and comrades to try to change the future and save the world from total annihilation.

crimson karma

Image Via Kakaopage

Kasiya del Roman lived his life as an assassin without human emotions and as a tool for his master. However, in her final moments, she is thrown away like an old rag. She then wakes up on a battlefield in a magical new world and manages to escape the fight. As she comes to terms with her new reality in this new world, she is faced with a choice: live her life as she did in the past or start over and find happiness.

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