What I love about woodworking


Geneticists have recently found out that human genes transform during one’s lifetime and the information is passed on to his children, and that started me thinking: maybe that’s why woodworking runs in the family.  

When colonists and immigrants came from the Old World, there was little they could bring with them: hope, ingenuity and some small valuable possessions. I don’t know if my German ancestors brought a woodworker’s tool kit with them, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Wood was among the first things you could get, and using it wisely was essential. At that time, you could do about anything out of wood, from soap holders to houses, from plows to suitcases and dinnerware.

Such variety of applications got me inspired, and I enjoy having to deal with a material that offers so much if you set your mind to it. A bit of practice and some good project ideas made me discover how easy it is to work with wood.

When real, usable products started to come out of my hands by using proper tools and a minimum of additional material, I discovered something important: it was satisfying enough to make a hobby out of it and everyone would profit from it.


The physical labor required to engage in woodworking projects is just enough to keep you fit without making you feel exhausted at the end of the day. Some choose to do long, strenuous hours of exercise, but that didn’t appeal to me that much.

Putting my creativity to work is important as well. When I look at the lumber and decide what to do next (I usually say I have a “board meeting”), I must figure out how to use the wooden boards with minimum waste and with as few maneuvers as possible.

I love coming up with technical solutions to various problems and woodworking is made for problem solvers. Some of the solutions apply to many situations once you’ve found them, others are a matter of inspiration or need a bit of online research, but it’s never a dull day.

There’s also a financial reason for which I love woodworking. It saves me a lot of money spent on repairs that I can now do myself. I also save a lot by making my own furniture instead of buying it. It’s great to see that the work I get done improves my comfort and is precisely what I needed.

Some of the items that I design have sizes and features that are not available on the market anyway. Designing my own furniture gives the house more personality, and it’s the safest way of getting what I ordered.  

There are other things that make me love woodworking, but I think the ones I just referred to are reason enough. I believe some of them are the same with what you have in mind.





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