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flexible financing for all your personal and family needs: marriage, removal, home renovation, a journey to remember.

Do you have projects to carry out and do you need simple and flexible financing? PerTe Easy Loan is a personal loan that can help you deal with important or unexpected expenses. Now you have the solution that can make your projects unprofessional.

Recipients: employees (also temporary), autonomous and retired with an age between 18 and 80 (at the end of the loan).

Withdrawal: for the disbursement and repayment of the loan it is necessary to have a current account with any bank, even if not of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.

Purpose: personal and family needs, excluding the purchase of real estate and / or goods and services dedicated to professional or business activity.

Duration: from a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 10 years, to which must be added the pre-amortization period (ie the period elapsing between the date of disbursement of the loan and the starting date of the first installment of amortization. The pre-amortization interest they are determined at the same fixed TAN as the Loan and received on the first installment).

Amount financed: minimum 2,000 euros – maximum 75,000 euros including any insurance policy.

Frequency of installments: monthly.

Fixed rate: fixed for amounts less than € 50,000, fixed or variable for amounts between € 50,000 and € 75,000.

Refund method: debit on current account.

Required documents: the latest tax returns and / or payslips. The Bank reserves the right to request additional documents; no cost estimate is required.

Early repayment: admitted, both total and partial. The payment of a maximum of 1% of the amount reimbursed is envisaged.

“Postpone installments” option

"Postpone installments" option


It allows you to postpone the payment of one or more installments: the duration of the loan will be extended based on the number of monthly installments postponed.

During the term of the loan you can request to postpone a maximum number of installments equal to one installment for each repayment annuity after the first one (eg: in the case of a loan term of 48 months (4 years) it will be possible to postpone at most 3 installments even in more “postponement rate”).

You can activate the option after the payment of the first 12 installments, and with a minimum interval of 12 months between two “Postponement installments”, provided that all installments are regularly paid.

In the period corresponding to the postponement of the installment, you will not have to repay anything, but deferred interest on the residual capital will accrue, which will be distributed over the number of remaining installments.

At the end of the postponement installments you will then start repaying the installments which will include a fraction of the interest calculated during the deferral period.

The interest rate applied for the extension interest will be the original rate of the loan in the case of a fixed rate and the pro tempore rate in force in the case of a variable rate.

“Installment change” option

"Installment change" option


It allows you to reduce or increase the amount of the installment; this modification will consequently lead to the lengthening or reduction of the duration of the loan.

The modification of the installment has an impact on the duration of the loan, which can extend up to 10 years for the Cathbad with a maximum original term of 7 years and up to 15 years for the Cathbad with an original duration of over 7 years.

You can activate the option after paying the first 12 installments, and with a minimum interval of 12 months between two “installments”, provided that all installments are paid regularly.


Loan in Pocket

The new credit line that you activate when you need it and use it through small Cathbad within the limit of the credit limit granted.

It can be used whenever needed, to meet the needs of spending and the planning of small projects, optimizing the management of the family budget.

With PerTe Prestito In Tasca you can count on a maximum amount made available to use when you want, how you want and where you want. It is enough to go to the branch only once to sign the credit line concession contract, requesting an amount between 1,000 and 5,000 euros, based on the needs of the family budget.

You will then have a sum to use when needed, in a single solution or in more Cathbad, based on the needs that may arise over time. You can then obtain the amount you want, from a minimum of 500 euros up to the maximum amount indicated in the contract, choosing each time the duration of the loan, between those available and the installment with which to repay it.

Each fully repaid loan replenishes the amount available for the relevant amount, with the consequent possibility of requesting further utilization, always within the limit of the maximum amount allowed. With PerTe Prestito In Tasca you are free not only to choose for how much you use it but also when, where and how to activate it:

  • from home
  • At the office
  • while you travel
  • while you are buying your favorite TV in a store.

To use PerTe Prestito in Tasca you will just need:

  • go to your branch
  • go to an authorized Intesa Sanpaolo Group ATM, if you have a Bancomat card or a Nextcard
  • use Internet Banking, or even use your Android or Apple smartphone or tablet, thanks to the app La Tua Banca, if you are a contractor for services via the Internet, mobile phone and telephone.


The Intesa Sanpaolo Group was founded in 2007 by the merger of Banca Intesa and Sanpaolo IMI , two of the most important Italian banks.

Intesa Sanpaolo is currently the largest Italian banking group with over 4,000 branches and more than 11 million customers. It is the leader in Italy in all financial sectors for businesses and families and also covers the most important foreign markets, ranking among the top European banking groups.

The Intesa Sanpaolo group promotes finance that is attentive to capital strength and the sustainability of results over time by creating a virtuous circle based on the trust of its customers, employees and shareholders.



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