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Simple payday advance loans online

Applying for payday advance loans online is not difficult at this important site. Although it is not a complicated process, there are certain requirements that you must have to access them.

Applying for business loans may be necessary when you have a business project and capital is needed to start it. Also when you want to boost an established business.

We consult the websites of 4 banks and tell you what are the essential requirements for you to access a business loan.

Personal documents

They will usually ask you for your national identity document. Banks also usually ask for your spouse’s ID. Some financial entities such as Interbank may also request the ID or the foreigner’s card of your guarantee and that of your legal representative or shareholder (s) of your company.

Documents of your company

Documents of your company

As for the documentation, they will request from your business, it may vary from bank to bank and depends on the type of credit for businesses that you request. For example, in the case of Cosimu, you will be asked for the latest payments of IGV / Ren, in addition to the financial statement of your business; while in the BCP you can ask for the operating license, among other documentation.

Applicant Age Requirements

Age is also important when you apply for a loan of this type. In general, banks grant loans to holders who are over 25 years old. In some cases, a loan can be given to people between 21 and 24 years old as long as they have guarantors or offer a good as collateral.

In addition to the above requirements, it depends on the entity and the type of business loan, you may be asked to have a certain period of validity in the market (6 months for example), minimum amounts of annual income, among other factors.

We recommend you request information about loans from several banks before deciding on one. So you can choose the bank that in addition to accepting the credit, gives you the lowest interest rate.

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