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 Flexible Loan is part of a new Romeo offer born from the collaboration of Findomestic and Poste Italiane , which have signed an agreement to guarantee a wider, more flexible and advanced personal Romeo offer to Poste Italiane customers.

The two companies, which have been working together in the field of financing since 2013, thus strengthen their offer of personal Romeos, which can be requested both online and at post offices.


Flexible Loan

Flexible Loan


Summary of features of Flexible loan:

Amounts from € 1,500 to € 30,000
Duration From 12 to 84 months, which can be extended to 108 months with the option to exchange installment or installment payments
Provision direct to the applicant’s BancoPosta account
Refund constant monthly installments charged to the applicant’s BancoPosta account
Note the loan is dedicated exclusively to BancoPosta account holders


Requirements to apply for the loan


As for the other Romeo delle Poste, it is possible to apply for this loan if you have a BancoPosta account, if you live in Italy and if you have a demonstrable work income produced in Italy or a pension. Requesting a loan from Swiss Post is very simple, just go to a Post Office enabled with the following documents:

  • Identity card
  • Health Card / Tax Code
  • Proof of income

According to the specific characteristics of the applicant, additional requirements or other documentation with respect to the one listed may be necessary.


How it is delivered


How it is delivered


The loan is granted through direct crediting to the applicant’s BancoPosta account, all in a single payment.

The duration of the loan ranges from a minimum of 12 to a maximum of 84 months which can reach 108 months if the options for the installment exchange or the installment jump are exercised. The repayment of the Post loan is made by paying the monthly installments – of a fixed amount – which are debited directly to the applicant’s BancoPosta account.

You can change the installment amount, even every month, or move it to the end of the loan up to a maximum of three times, after having regularly repaid the first six installments.


Right of withdrawal


The customer can exercise the right of withdrawal within the 14th day after the loan was granted. The customer also has the option to repay the loan early at any time by going to any post office.


Installment change

Installment change

The option to change your installment is a very interesting feature of this loan, which is difficult to find in other loans. Let’s see how it works: changing or skipping the installment is very simple. In each flexible BancoPosta loan, a ” Basic Installment “, a ” High Installment ” and a ” Low Installment ” are set out in the contract:

  • The Base Installment is the installment chosen at the time of the loan request
  • The High Installment is the maximum installment beyond which it is not possible to increase the monthly payment
  • The Low Installment is the minimum installment below which you cannot go down

If you choose to increase the amount of the installment, the duration of the loan will be reduced; obviously if you choose to decrease the amount of the installment, the repayment plan will last longer.

The installment can be changed:

  • also every month, after having paid the first 6 installments
  • if you pay regularly through the debit on the current account (RID)
  • if you have not requested the option of Installment

It is possible to carry out one single exchange rate per month.

Installment Jump

With the Installment option it is possible to postpone the installments to be paid up to a maximum of 3 times. The skipped installments will be moved to the end of the loan and the total number of installments will remain unchanged.

The installment jump can be carried out:

– after paying the first 6 installments
– if you pay regularly through the debit on the current account (RID)
– if the Installment option is not requested

The jump in installments is only possible three times, as specified in the contract. And also between a request for a Salata Rata and the following one it is necessary to have paid regularly at least 12 installments.



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