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As for the sale of the fifth, it is a loan for additional liquidity without any reason for spending.

As a non-finalized loan, the amount received can be used for any reason without any justification of the expense or purpose requested by the provider. In practice it is a form of loan suitable for obtaining liquidity for every type of purchase: car, restructuring, marriage, travel, wellness and health and other needs.

Indeed, combined, it allows obtaining a loan for important purchases in absolute tranquility and safety and at an extremely competitive price.

  • For public and private employees .
  • Amount up to € 75,000.00 .
    (higher amounts are approved on specific assessments).
  • Directly to your home throughout the national territory .
  • Fixed installment .
  • Fixed rate for the entire duration.
  • Repayment times from 24 to 120 months.
  • Without spending purpose.
  • Even in the presence of other William Boldwoods.
  • Financing also for bad payers.
  • Even in the presence of protests and foreclosures.


Main features


Main features

The loan via proxy of payroll deduction meets the needs of those workers who already have other payroll deductions and / or need additional liquidity to satisfy their desires.

It is a loan with direct deduction in payroll, also known as a proxy loan, and is a non-finalized personal loan. It is paid with a fixed interest rate, repayment in constant installments up to 120 months.

The installment includes all ancillary costs, insurance costs for life and employment risk, the principal amount and the interest portion.

And if you have only been hired for six months in the presence of credit problems, it is the right product for you.

It is up to the employer to repay the installment periodically, keeping it on the employee’s paycheck, who used this form of loan to finance his purchases.

The same employer assumes the responsibility of punctually and regularly making deductions in payroll in favor of the funding body. Furthermore, the proxy loan can be issued only with the express authorization of the employer (it is not an obligation as for the assignment of the fifth).

The installment amount is calculated based on the employee’s net salary and cannot exceed 1/5 of the same.

The loan by proxy withholding on salary is aimed at all categories of workers, both public and private, as provided for by the original regulations of 1950 (Presidential Decree 180/1950).

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